UCLA In the News June 26, 2018

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The next big thing in data storage is actually microscopic | Boston Globe

“I think there’s going to be massive challenges, and the biggest challenge is cost,” said Sri Kosuri, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of California at Los Angeles. Kosuri, who worked on DNA data storage at the Harvard Medical School, said the process currently is “about six orders of magnitude more expensive than it needs to be.” Making it a practical tool for everyday use “requires some technological breakthrough that I haven’t seen as yet,” Kosuri said.

California’s gas tax repeal now headed to ballot near you | Bay Area News Group

A 2016 UCLA report cited at least three times in the mid-1990s and 2000s when the state used money to balance the budget that was supposed to repair highways and roads or upgrade public transit… But proponents note that the last time the gas tax was raised was in 1994, when it increased from 9 cents to 18 cents, and argue that it’s due for an increase. It’s not hard to see how the backlog of deferred maintenance grew, said Martin Wachs, an urban planning professor emeritus at UCLA, when you consider seismic retrofit projects that lengthened the list of needed repairs statewide, and several recessions that reduced the money the state anticipated collecting.

The end of safe gay sex? | New York Times Opinion

But a 2016 study by the University of California, Los Angeles illustrated that PrEP [pre-exposure prophylaxis] users were 25.3 times more likely to acquire gonorrhea and a shocking 44.6 times more likely to develop a syphilis infection (other studies have found no significant uptick in S.T.I. rates, however). (UCLA’s Matthew Beymer is also quoted in Reuters Health)

What happens when a ghost town turns into a lab | Gizmodo

“Yellow-bellied marmots are somewhat unique. They live in groups, but they don’t have to live in groups. I describe them as being facultatively social, or socially plastic. That gives us an opportunity in one species to say, well, what are the benefits and costs of living with others,” said UCLA’s Dan Blumstein. (Approx. 0:30 mark)

America after Justice Anthony Kennedy | Vox

“There’s so much data now — physiological data, psychological data, reentry data — there’s so much data making clear the extended physical, psychological, and emotional trauma that people suffer in extended solitary confinement, it would be so easy for the Court just to point to it all and conclude there’s an objective harm,” [UCLA’s Sharon] Dolovich said.

The gender gap in computer science | Inside Higher Ed

A team of researchers led by Linda Sax of the University of California, Los Angeles, is studying the reasons that female enrollments have not gone up in most computer science programs. The project is focusing on the first computer science course that students take. Using data from 15 universities nationwide, the team has noted that women tend to be farther along with their college studies than are men when taking their first computer science course.

Ordinance would strip parking requirements in some parts of town | Spokesman-Review (Wash.)

But Donald Shoup, a research professor of urban planning at UCLA and the “guru” of parking policy, says that while parking is new, the way we do it is ancient. “Thinking about parking seems to take place in the reptilian cortex, the most primitive part of the brain responsible for making snap judgments about fight-or-flight issues, such as how to avoid being eaten,” Shoup writes in the introduction to his new book, “Parking and the City.” “The reptilian cortex is said to govern instinctive behavior involved in aggression, territoriality, and ritual display — all important issues in parking.”

L.A. judge to rule on Trump request to detain immigrant children longer | KPCC-FM

“She’s always been someone who has looked out for the underdog. Super-smart, tremendous integrity, always building coalitions,” said UCLA’s Dan Mayeda.

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