UCLA In the News June 30, 2017

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UCLA fest looks at writers, directors from TV’s golden age | Los Angeles Times

This fascinating turn of affairs, which led to any number of terrific films, many all but forgotten today, is detailed in the absorbing UCLA Film and Television Archive series “Golden Age Television Writers on the Big Screen,” starting on Friday with a screening of the prescient satire “Network,” written by Chayefsky and directed by Sidney Lumet.

What happens if the health care bill doesn’t pass? | CBS News

Obamacare will remain the law of the land, although it will be in shaky shape. Gerald Kominski, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, says that efforts to repeal the bill have created an atmosphere of instability that have exacerbated the ACA’s problems. “Of course [the ACA] is imploding,” Kominski tells CBS News. “[President Trump] is pushing it off a cliff.”

Students feel safer in more diverse schools | Los Angeles Times

California sixth-graders who attend racially diverse schools feel safer, less lonely and less picked on than their peers at more homogenous schools, according to a new study out of UCLA. But it’s not enough for diversity to exist on campus, according to the study, published in the journal Child Development.

Court won’t hear challenge to state’s gun carry law | NPR’s “Morning Edition”

“The Supreme Court has made clear that you have a right to bear arms within your own home but has not made clear whether that right extends outside of the home, and if it does, what kind of permitting state and local governments can put on people who want to carry, for instance, concealed weapons,” said UCLA’s Adam Winkler.

State’s drought is over but wildfire season will be severe | TIME

“In California, we are always going to have drought,” said Glen MacDonald, the John Muir Memorial Chair of geography at the University of California, Los Angeles. “So we’ve had one good year of precipitation this year. This is no time to relax and exhale and assume that this has passed. This is the same thing with fire,” he said.

Experts emphasize free trade at global forum | CNC News

“Globalization in education is so important to all of our students because new challenges are arising in the difficulties of students moving freely between countries because of new difficulties obtaining visas. I think this is presenting some challenges to international education,” said UCLA Chancellor Gene Block.

Research links gut bacteria and emotion | KTLA-TV

Gut feelings are real. A new study links gut bacteria and emotional response. Researchers at UCLA looked at the difference between gut bacteria associated with a plant and carbohydrate diet and bacteria associated with a diet of fats and proteins. (Also: Medical Xpress, HealthCanal and Daily Mail (U.K.))

Can microbes encourage altruism? | Quanta Magazine

For example, Elaine Hsiao, a biologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, recently observed that microbes in a healthy colon drive intestinal cells to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin, which then circulates in the blood.

Mental health problems up among college students | NBC News

And according to the 2016 UCLA Higher Education Research Institute survey of freshmen, nearly 12 percent say they are “frequently” depressed.

House bill caps malpractice lawsuit amounts | KPCC-FM

“When we’re talking over health care spending of $3 trillion a year, it’s a drop in the bucket,” said UCLA’s Allison Hoffman. (Audio download)

What’s keeping people from buying more electric vehicles? | KPCC-FM

“I think originally the barrier was the expense of the cars, and I think that barrier is largely getting solved,” said UCLA’s Ethan Elkind. (Audio download)

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