UCLA In the News March 10, 2017

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Why cassette tapes are making a comeback | Wall Street Journal

Blame the resurgence, in part, on Justin Bieber. So says Gigi Johnson, director of UCLA’s Center for Music Innovation. When the heartthrob released a cassette version of his Grammy-nominated album “Purpose” in 2016, more than 1,000 copies of the retro iteration sold (a relatively significant sum).

Pressure mounts on leading French candidates | CNN

“It’s absolutely impossible for him to survive what’s going on right now. As soon as his party started to turn against him, it was game over. What’s been so interesting about this election season is that … this is the first time that the right wing party held primaries. The idea was that it was going to bring greater cohesion and that they could all put themselves behind one particular candidate,” said UCLA’s Dominic Thomas.

Rollback of fuel economy rules could pit state, EPA | KPCC-FM’s “Air Talk”

“I think they’re pretty high although I always have to add a caveat and that is that trying to predict what federal courts are going to do is never easy.… When EPA is asked to grant a waiver for California, it is required by law to follow what the Clean Air Act sets forth are the criteria for deciding that waiver… California has to demonstrate that it has unique and compelling conditions that should lead it to have standards that are different from the federal standards,” said UCLA’s Ann Carlson. (Approx. 10:00 mark)

After near-record storms, signs of El Niño rise | San Francisco Chronicle

“By any formal metric, this winter was unanticipated,” said Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA. “The deeper question of why it’s happening is challenging. I don’t think we have a good answer.”

World’s largest AIDS group flushed millions down the drain | The Advocate

Weinstein’s war against development “is not understandable,” Dana Cuff, a professor of architecture/urban design and urban planning at the Luskin School of Public Affairs at the University of California, Los Angeles, told The Advocate last year. “I’d go further than that; it’s actually a misuse of their funds.”

India extends paid maternity leave to 26 weeks; U.S. still at zero | Fresno Bee

“We urgently need to catch up in the United States. For a high-income country, we have some of the worst outcomes for our infants. We have some of the highest rates of infant mortality. We have huge health inequalities,” Jody Heymann, founding director of the World Policy Analysis Center at UCLA, told NPR.

How we know there’s climate change, and humans to blame | Popular Science

“If you want to figure out which model is right and why it’s right, you have to use observations of the past,” [UCLA’s Aradhna Tripati] says. “It’s like Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’: Past is prologue.” Those past observations offer a context in which to view today’s climate — one in which Earth’s atmosphere is filled with the largest concentration of carbon dioxide in human history.

UCLA study provides new insights into how the brain works | News-Medical

“Dendrites make up more than 90 percent of neural tissue,” said UCLA neurophysicist Mayank Mehta, the study’s senior author. “Knowing they are much more active than the soma fundamentally changes the nature of our understanding of how the brain computes information. It may pave the way for understanding and treating neurological disorders, and for developing brain-like computers.” (Also: Health Medicine Network, PsyPost, ScienceDaily, HealthCanal, Scienmag)

Targeting cancer stem cells improves treatment effectiveness | Medical Xpress

“This study shows that for the first time, targeting the proliferating tumor mass and dormant cancer stem cells with combination therapy effectively inhibited tumor growth and prevented metastasis compared to monotherapy in mice,” said [Dr. Cun-Yu] Wang, who is a member of the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and of the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA.

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