UCLA In the News March 15, 2018

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Supreme Court criticized for shielding police in wrongful-shooting cases | Los Angeles Times

UCLA law professor Joanna Schwartz, an expert on police misconduct litigation, faults the court for refusing to set limits for the police. “When the Supreme Court announces new rules, police departments pay attention,” she said. But repeatedly, the court has blocked suits that could establish clearer rules. This may “encourage a ‘shoot first, think later’ policy,” she said. She noted that while lawsuits are brought against individuals, “officers never pay out of their own pocket.” Liability claims are paid by the departments that employ them.

Adult film star raising funds for legal expenses | ABC News

In a series of interviews this week with lawyers and educators who specialize in contract law — several expressed doubts that Clifford would be ordered to come up with the sizable automatic damage amounts predetermined by the contract. “It must be reasonable in relation to the actual damage that was likely suffered,” said Neil Wertlieb, an adjunct professor at UCLA School of Law — who noted that much of what Clifford might say about her alleged relationship with Trump is already public, after In Touch magazine recently published a lengthy 2011 interview with Clifford that it had previously shelved. 

Fight over emissions rules | Bloomberg Radio

“EPA has to give California permission through a waiver process to issue standards that are tougher than the federal standards. It’s already done that for fuel economy standards and greenhouse gas emissions standards through 2025. And so the big question is: Can the EPA revoke that permission?” said UCLA’s Ann Carlson. (Approx. 1:10 mark)

Banning high-capacity magazines should be winnable issue | HuffPost

“If the federal government enacted a high-capacity magazine ban, it would be constitutionally permissible,” said Adam Winkler, a professor of constitutional law at the UCLA School of Law who has written extensively on gun policy. (Also: KPCC-FM [Audio download])

Unpredictable work schedules plague L.A. retail workers | KABC-TV

“There were some great policies passed in the city like the minimum wage increase, the paid sick time, but if you don’t get the hours, you’re not going to realize those benefits,” said UCLA’s Saba Waheed.

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