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How Trump can get U.S.–North Korea summit back on track | CNBC Opinion

[Commentary by UCLA’s Wesley Clark] So, was this just two CEOs trading mutual insults and insinuations to gain the upper hand? And could it be put back together, as the president hints in his letter to Kim? It might happen, but any summit meeting will still have to confront many difficult issues — and it is more likely that Kim has deliberately pulled the plug on the meeting in order to protect his equities and to set the stage for a later, possibly more successful meeting.

As bullet train costs rise, few Californians want to pay for it | Los Angeles Times

[T]he project in Southern California is funding improvement for a freight railroad crossing south of downtown Los Angeles and redesigning tracks at Union Station. Though those are important, they don’t have the scale or impact of the Bay Area projects. And there is no funding in sight for a bullet train connection to Southern California. Such disparities could jeopardize public support for the project, said Martin Wachs, a member of a peer review panel that oversees the project and a UCLA transportation expert. 

The caregiving system has failed you | HuffPost

Many caregivers find their health adversely affected. A UCLA Center for Health Policy Research survey found that nearly one-third of the estimated 3 million-plus informal caregivers in California reported emotional stress so severe it disrupted their lives. 

Oil companies want California climate lawsuits dismissed | San Francisco Chronicle

“It’s hard to know what’s going to happen with the suits,” said Sean Hecht, co-executive director of the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the UCLA School of Law. “We have not had a case like this that has gotten beyond the motion-to-dismiss phase.”

Trump cannot block followers on Twitter | Bloomberg Radio

“The decision is going to become an important part of the debate and, of course, if the president appeals, which seems to be pretty likely — I don’t see much reason why he wouldn’t — … that’s going to go up to the federal Circuit Court for the 2nd Circuit. And that does indeed set more binding precedent, binding within New York and influential throughout the rest of the country,” said UCLA’s Eugene Volokh. (Approx. 38:20 mark)

Less parking in L.A. could help traffic | KPCC-FM’s “Take Two”

“Almost every automobile trip ends up and starts from a parking space. I think if you better manage them, we’ll need many fewer parking spaces. L.A. has more parking spaces per square mile than any other city on Earth, and according to many surveys, we have the worst traffic congestion in the United States. So I think that more parking has not led to less traffic,” said UCLA’s Donald Shoup.  (Approx. 29:00 mark)

The anti-seizure effects of a ketogenic diet | Medical Xpress

The ketogenic diet has numerous health benefits, including fewer seizures for children with epilepsy who do not respond to anti-epileptic medications, said Elaine Hsiao, UCLA assistant professor of integrative biology and physiology, and senior author of the study. However, there has been no clear explanation for exactly how the diet aids children with epilepsy.