UCLA In the News May 3, 2018

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New York parents do what mayor hasn’t: integrate schools | New York Times

Pedro Noguera, an education professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, sees otherwise. “I’ve never seen an under-resourced school that serves affluent white kids,” Mr. Noguera said. He pointed out that white children often bring with them economic and social influence most black and Latino children desperately need. “Affluent white parents bring advocacy,” Mr. Noguera said. “They believe their kids are entitled to the best education, and the system responds to them.”

Why Bay Area is epicenter of California’s housing crisis | Bay Area News Group

The key question for California is, “How do you manage the effects of success?” said Michael Storper, an economic geographer at UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs. “At the moment we are a winner economy. California is amazing in how much it attracts high-wage, high-skill industries. Who wouldn’t want to be like that?” At the same time, he said, how do you preserve housing for the majority of residents who don’t command high salaries? Or find a way to pay them more?

InSight mission will look deep into Mars for clues to past | Los Angeles Times

“Even though we’ve had a lot of missions to Mars — orbiters and also landers and rovers crawling around on the surface — we’ve never had a mission that was devoted to looking inside Mars,” said Gerald Schubert, a geophysicist and planetary physicist at UCLA who is not involved in the mission. “InSight’s really unique in exploring the internal structure and composition of the terrestrial planets. There’s never really been one like this before.”

Alleged ‘gay panic defense’ in murder trial stuns advocates | NBC News

The rare “gay panic defense” has appeared in court opinions in about half of all U.S. states since the 1960s, according to a 2016 study by UCLA Law’s Williams Institute. The defense is usually used in conjunction with insanity or self-defense claims. No state recognizes it as a free-standing defense in their criminal code.

Theater is a blank space | KPCC-FM’s “The Frame”

Hamilton and Bogart only let 80 people in each night because they want you to feel space, civic space, and, on the UCLA campus, the two artists discovered that the main library and the large theater face each other, like giant stone soldiers standing guard at the top of a grand outdoor staircase. “And one is an architecture kind of individual contemplation and silent reading, and across the way, directly, formally aligned, is the theater and the place, I say, of voice, and motion and stories,” said Ann Hamilton. (Approx. 18:50 mark)

Molecule halts toxic protein tied to Alzheimer’s progression | Medical Xpress

“Over 200 molecules have been tested as disease-modifying Alzheimer’s therapy in clinical trials, and none has yet attained the holy grail,” said Varghese John, a UCLA associate professor of neurology and the study’s senior author. “Our paper describes a novel approach to slow Alzheimer’s progression by showing it is possible to inhibit propagation of pathologic forms of tau.” John is a member of the UCLA Easton Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research and leads the Drug Discovery and Translational lab.

Is marijuana a gateway drug? | Mashable

“Does that for sure say that cannabis is a gateway or causal? No, it doesn’t. It might simply be that the people in this particular trial at time zero were people who had a greater risk for using many, many substances and this was just part of the natural history of the evolution of their use disorder,” said UCLA’s Thomas Strouse.

What drives millennials to tan, knowing the risks? | HealthDay

Dr. Joann Elmore is a professor of medicine with the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. She shared that sentiment. “Beauty standards have always been influenced by the social, cultural and historical periods,” she said. “We need an effective way to demonstrate to young people the ‘why’ of protecting our skin and modifying tanning behavior,” Elmore added. “The younger generation may not respond as well to the public service announcement style that was effective a generation ago. They now find and search for their information on social media, therefore, we need to do outreach on those platforms,” she said.

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