UCLA In the News May 31, 2017

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UCLA announces Jackie Robinson scholarships | Fox Sports

“Jackie Robinson was a difference-maker on so many levels, and he continues to inspire and touch the lives of generations to come,” said UCLA Director of Athletics Dan Guerrero in the release. “His famous quote — ‘A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives’ — could not ring more true, and these generous gifts are proof of that. To be able to honor his legacy while supporting the education of student-athletes is truly remarkable, and we are grateful to all those involved who made this happen.” (Also: KABC-AM [Audio download], KCAL-TV, KCBS-TV, KNBC-TV)

Is there such a thing as a Southern California accent? | KPCC-FM’s “Take Two”

Enter Norma Mendoza-Denton, a professor of anthropology at UCLA and associate dean of the graduate division. When Norma spoke to us, she was working on a study to prove a unique Southern California accent might actually exist. “Most researchers would agree that up until now, the public research shows that there’s a sort of overarching California dialect and that possibly Southern California is just a part of that. But I think that, increasingly our pilot data suggests that we may be looking at a different accent, but that’s still to be determined.”

LAPD violates California Public Records Act | KCRW-FM’s “Morning Edition”

“And what I requested was arrest data dating back to January 1 of 2010…. So to get a full response from the LAPD took about five or six months and even that about 47 percent of the data was still missing information,” said UCLA’s Kelly Lytle-Hernandez. [Audio download] (Approx. 01: 15 mark)

Handshake-free zone may help prevent spread of germs | Kaiser Health News

[UCLA’s Dr. Mark] Sklansky decided to test a new method at UCLA for limiting the spread of germs and reducing the transmission of disease: a handshake-free zone. “We are trying to do everything to minimize hospital-acquired infection except for the most obvious and easiest thing to do in my opinion, which is to stop shaking hands,” he said. (Also: News-Medical)

State’s climate change role if U.S. leaves Paris accord | KPCC-FM’s “Take Two”

“Well, the Paris agreement is the first essentially universal climate agreement in which all countries pledge to take action to reduce their emissions, not just developed countries, not just the U.S. and Europe but all countries including developing countries like China and India,” said UCLA’s Cara Horowitz. [Audio download] (Approx. 01:07 mark)

New high blood pressure exhibit at science center | KTLA-TV

“It depends on where it is. If the black spot is at the base of the brain, the way it is here, where all the information in the brain is going down to the body, then even a small area can have devastating effects,” said UCLA’s Dr. Keith Norris. (Approx. 00:47 mark)

Physicists probe galaxy center to find missing fifth force | Business Insider

“Einstein’s theory describes [gravity] beautifully well, but there’s lots of evidence showing the theory has holes,” says Andrea Ghez, director of the University of California, Los Angeles Galactic Centre Group. “The mere existence of supermassive black holes tells us that our current theories of how the universe works are inadequate to explain what a black hole is.”

Solid becomes liquid-like when irradiated | Physics World

“When exposed to radiation, materials undergo some disordering of their atomic structure,” explains Mathieu Bauchy, a civil engineer at the University of California, Los Angeles. “In turn, this disordering can affect properties such as density, stiffness, strength and toughness. Therefore, it is essential to understand the effect of irradiation on the atomic structure of materials in order to ensure their integrity.”

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