UCLA In the News November 15, 2017

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Politics really ruining Thanksgiving, cellphone data show | Washington Post

In the wake of last year’s bitterly contested presidential election, “politically divided” families cut their Thanksgiving celebrations short by an average of 20 to 30 minutes. Republican voters were more likely to bail on Democratic families than vice-versa. And reductions in family time were steeper in areas that saw more political ads. Those are among the conclusions of a new working paper by M. Keith Chen of UCLA and Ryne Rohla of Washington State University.

Help for those obsessed with their imperfect bodies | Wall Street Journal

Depending on the intensity of their disease, sufferers can think of themselves as deeply unattractive, even hideous, according to Jamie Feusner, a professor of psychiatry at UCLA who has conducted studies on body dysmorphic disorder. While the disorder is serious enough that it can lead to institutionalization or suicide, he worries that so little is known about it, even professional therapists may fail to diagnose it.

Why Toys ‘R’ Us, others love to go bust in Richmond, Va. | New York Times

Nationally, professional fees for bankruptcies have been increasing about 9.5 percent a year, about four times the rate of inflation, according to Lynn LoPucki, a bankruptcy professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. Mr. LoPucki said the higher fees were fueled, in part, by court shopping. Lawyers advising troubled companies tend to gravitate to courts that approve their fees, he said.

Republicans’ education level tied to climate change beliefs | New York Times

As [UCLA’s John] Zaller wrote in an update to “The Nature and Origins of Mass Opinion”: “Science-minded elites are not the principal initiators of new partisan policies; interest groups, political intellectuals and perhaps even ambitious politicians are more important actors. The dynamics of public opinion formation may still be top-down, but science-minded elites are not the top.”

Palm Springs elects an all-LGBTQ City Council | Los Angeles Times

The city is ranked first in the state and third in the nation among cities with the most same-sex couples per 1,000 households, according to an analysis of U.S. census data by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

Moderators, world’s most gruesome job | BBC World Service’s “Business Daily”

“I think this work [commercial content moderation] is both so hidden and also relatively new as a phenomenon. Typically, very poorly paid, these folks may be working next to engineering but they’re certainly not making the same wage and they’re not receiving the same benefits,” said UCLA’s Sarah Roberts. (Approx. 11:05 mark)

Physically active people have lower risk of developing glaucoma | News-Medical

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles reported a 73 percent decline in the risk of developing the disease among the most physically active study participants, compared with those who were the least active. (Also: The Guardian [U.K.], Health Medicine Network)

High-dose statin drugs more effective than low doses | Medical Xpress

“There has been substantial reluctance to use higher dose statins in Asian patients,” said Karol E. Watson, M.D., Ph.D., a cardiology professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. “This trial should give comfort that this strategy is safe, well tolerated, and beneficial.”

Koreans have struggled on both sides of border | Zócalo Public Square

“It’s eroding. South Korea has become a hyper-competitive society. That doesn’t lend itself to the kind of positive group ethos that I experienced there. There still are certain expectations about going along with the group and conformity in South Korean society. But the more positive aspects of that group orientation, they seem to have diminished,” said UCLA’s John Duncan.

Miniscope ties seizures to spatial memory problems | Spectrum

Shuman performed the work in Peyman Golshani’s lab at the University of California, Los Angeles. He presented the unpublished findings at the 2017 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

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