UCLA In the News November 21, 2017

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Mysterious object confirmed to be from another solar system | The Guardian

The other group of astronomers, led by David Jewitt, University of California Los Angeles, estimated how many other interstellar visitors like it there might be in our solar system. Surprisingly, they calculate that another 10,000 could be closer to the sun than the eighth planet, Neptune, which lies 30 times farther from the sun than the Earth. Yet these are currently undetected.

For opiate addiction, drug-assisted treatment effective | Los Angeles Times

“We believe our findings really do represent the reality in California,” said the study’s senior author, Bohdan Nosyk, a health economist with British Columbia’s Center of Excellence in HIV/AIDs…. Nosyk’s co-authors included addiction and epidemiological experts from UCLA’s Integrated Substance Abuse Programs and the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System of Los Angeles.

Tribe reclaims language lost to colonization | Associated Press

But the Mashpee Wampanoag stand out because they’re one of the few tribes to have brought back their language despite not having any surviving adult speakers, says Teresa McCarty, a cultural anthropologist and applied linguist at the University of California Los Angeles. “Imagine learning to speak, read, and write a language that you have never heard spoken and for which no oral records exist,” she says. “It’s a human act of brilliance, faith, courage, commitment and hope.”

With Obamacare, people seek more preventive cardiovascular care | KPCC-FM

UCLA researchers led the study published in the November issue of the American Journal of Managed Care. The study found that since the Affordable Care Act reduced out-of-pocket costs for preventive care, more people are getting screenings for diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. The researchers also found that people at greater risk of cardiovascular disease are more likely to get treatment than before Obamacare.

Marketing tactics for AR rifles under new scrutiny | CBS News

“Guns are not sold on the basis of being just tools,” said gun industry expert Adam Winkler, a professor at the University of California Los Angeles School of Law and author of a book about the Second Amendment. “They’re being sold as an embodiment of American values.”

Professors want to improve outcomes for young black males | HuffPost

One of America’s most prominent intellectuals recently proclaimed “many teachers are sympathetic destroyers of black boys’ dreams.” Dr. Tyrone Howard, an internationally renowned social scientist and professor of urban education at the University of California, Los Angeles offered this statement during his recent appearance on Black Minds Matter, a publicly broadcast course. [UCLA’s Pedro Noguera also mentioned]

What to consider before taking a 23andMe test | HuffPost

Approaching the test with the knowledge that you can’t influence the outcome — but you can take steps to reduce your risk for certain diseases ― is also important, adds Emanuel Maidenberg, a clinical professor at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior at UCLA. “When you start doing anything in response to bad news, it gives you a sense of control,” he said. “Investing in healthy habits gives you a sense of predictability. That’s truly known to be helpful.” 

K-pop band ‘BTS’ makes American television debut | CNN International

“They’re probably the largest, most popular K-pop band at the moment, thanks to their very dedicated army of fans, actually named ‘Army.’ I believe the rise of BTS is really truly due to the fan labor,” said UCLA’s Suk-Young Kim.

Shopping with doctors to learn healthy eating practices | KNBC-TV

A new study that came out from UCLA finds that nearly half of all Californians are overweight or obese. 

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