UCLA In the News November 27, 2018

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After a wildfire, rebuilding life can be hardest for the oldest | New York Times

“Being cut off from your medicines, being cut off from your medical care, being cut off from your social supports, the added stress of having lost things and living in an evacuation center and having to relocate — studies clearly show that there are additional hospitalizations that occur, even deaths that occur, in the months afterward,” said Dr. David Eisenman, the director of the UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters.

UCLA study shows breast cancer treatments can cause cognitive impairment | Fortune

“Together this research provides preliminary evidence that the cancer treatments can leave a lasting imprint on some individuals,” said Judith Carroll, the study’s lead author, an associate professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences, and a member of the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. “Our hope is that future research will target these biological aging pathways to prevent the cognitive declines experienced by some cancer survivors.” (Also: Cosmos)

Cindy Hyde-Smith’s experience isn’t an outlier: School segregation in America is still a troubling fact today | NBC News

In fact, as more of the nation’s school districts have sought to overturn desegregation orders, integration levels in American public schools have declined to levels last seen in 1967, according to a 2014 analysis of the nation’s schools produced by The Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles. (The center’s findings didn’t change when they updated the report again in 2016.)

Former UCLA great and integration pioneer Willie Naulls dies at 84 | Los Angeles Times

Naulls, who became an All-American during his three seasons playing for coach John Wooden’s Bruins, holds the school record for most rebounds in a game with 28 against Arizona State in January 1956. His 582 field-goal attempts during the 1955-56 season also is a school record. While the Bruins were in Lexington for the holiday tournament during his sophomore season, Naulls helped integrate the bus the team rode on as well as the theater where they watched a movie and the hotel where they slept together in the basement’s boiler room on Army cots. “The humiliation was borne by each of us — black and white together,” Naulls wrote in his book. “We took turns showering in a basement employee restroom and ate together in a special banquet room next to the kitchen.” (Also: Reuters, Sporting News)

Hollywood’s new demand for diversity drains Disney’s executive ranks | TheWrap

But according to UCLA’s 2018 Diversity in Hollywood report, the entertainment industry has been slow to “accept … that its success in providing today’s (and tomorrow’s) audiences with what they crave also hinges on the presence of diverse talent behind the camera — in the director’s chair, in the writer’s room and in executive suites.” The report was authored by professors Darnell Hunt, Ana-Christina Ramón, Michael Tran, Amberia Sargent and Debanjan Roychoudhury.

UCLA researchers prepare to study environmental effects of Woolsey fire | KPCC-FM

“One of which is federally endangered in the mountains, one of which is a special concern in California because when you burn off all the vegetation and when the rains come, all the mud slumps down into the creeks. That fills in their breathing sites. That can have really tremendous repercussions on the population biology,” said UCLA’s Brad Shaffer. (Audio download)

When police partner with ICE, Hispanic students disappear | U.S. News & World Report

Previous studies of student mobility, the researchers point out, suggest that moves that are made in response to stressful or adverse events can be educationally harmful, particularly for Hispanic students and those who have moved before. Indeed, a recent survey by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California Los Angeles found that K-12 educators are reporting an increase in the number of students experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms connected to immigration concerns for themselves, their families or their friends.

Confucius Institute helps secure job opportunities for youth | Xinhua

Susan Jain, executive director of the Confucius Institute of the University of California, Los Angeles, feels the language programs are key to giving the U.S. young people a competitive future. “The Confucius Institute gives our fellows and students exactly what they need to enable them to compete in the international marketplace,” she told Xinhua recently. “When American kids learn languages like Mandarin and understand more about foreign cultures, it opens up all kinds of well-paid job opportunities for them and makes them better equipped to compete with applicants from other countries,” Jain explained.

Most Gen Z girls and women lack a key success lesson in their education | CNBC

The study from Girls with Impact included data on six years of college venture competitions in which there were 1,454 participants and 535 teams comprised of students from freshman to Ph.D level across three universities — University of Connecticut, UCLA and Rice University.

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