UCLA In the News November 30, 2017

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San Francisco may adopt Uber-style surge pricing for parking meters | Fox News

SFpark was considered a successful implementation of the theories of UCLA urban planning professor Donald Shoup, the New York Times reported, with parking availability generally increasing as a result of the program.

Beauty affordable with high-tech devices for use at home | Los Angeles Times

“It’s a really interesting time in skin care,” says Dr. Jenny Kim, a professor of dermatology and the director of cosmetic dermatology at UCLA. “The amount of research that is going on to develop things is wonderful.”

Homeowners are rich only on paper | Los Angeles Times

UCLA urban planning professor Michael Manville, who suggests a “modest” tax on a homeowner’s equity at the time of sale, must know that both the city and county of Los Angeles impose transfer taxes on the sale of property.

Blocker dries up rain chance in Bay Area for 2 weeks | San Francisco Chronicle

“The big question mark and the potential big difference is, just how long does this persist?” said Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA. “Unless it persists really though the winter, it’s not quite as remarkable or dramatic.”

Drug used by ancient religions is trendy but could have benefits | Newsweek

As a UCLA psychiatrist [Dr. Charles Grob] who studies the drug told the Times, it can worsen conditions like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Taking methamphetamine or cocaine before taking ayahuasca could potentially lead to a stroke, he added.

Why health care costs so much | STAT

Resources were scarce in [UCLA’s Dr. Dong Chang’s] ICU, and he suspected it might be possible to manage them better. So, he and his colleagues reviewed the records of all the patients in the unit over the course of a year to see whether the patients might have been either too sick, or too healthy, to benefit from intensive care. (Also: Scientific American)

Other genome editing software exists | STAT

“I would say that zinc finger nucleases, TALEN, and meganucleases all work well and can be as active and specific as CRISPR,” said Dr. Donald Kohn, director of the human gene medicine program at University of California, Los Angeles.

How long should a tampon be in use? | Health

“I’ve pulled a tampon out of a patient after three weeks and she was still okay,” says Leena Nathan, MD, ob-gyn at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

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