UCLA In the News October 26, 2017

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Stress, hostility rising in U.S. high schools in Trump era, UCLA report finds | Washington Post

More than half of public high school teachers in a nationally representative school sample reported seeing more students than ever with “high levels of stress and anxiety” between last January, when Trump took office, and May. That’s according to the study, “Teaching and Learning in the Age of Trump: Increasing Stress and Hostility in America’s High Schools,” by John Rogers, director of the Institute for Democracy, Education and Access at the University of California at Los Angeles. (Also: NPR, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, HuffPost)

With a crowd of diverse faces, Dodger Stadium stands out | New York Times

“For many Mexican-Americans, it was another example of how they were uprooted and pushed around,” said Eric Avila, a professor of history at UCLA and the chairman of the César E. Chávez Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies. “The Dodgers got off to a really bad start in Southern California. But in the end, people just loved baseball, and they eventually adopted the Dodgers.” Avila called Valenzuela’s electrifying rookie season in 1981 a tipping point. From that point forward, the Dodgers actually became an expression of Mexican-American identity in Southern California.

Caltech, UCLA recognized as global standouts | LA Weekly

“UCLA has consistently performed well in a variety of national and international rankings,” according to a school statement. “Most recently, UCLA was ranked No. 1 among U.S. public universities and No. 25 overall in the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education Top Colleges ranking.”

First ever stroke-specific ambulance | KPCC-FM

“Every minute that the brain goes without oxygen, over 2 million brain cells die, so minutes matter and the transport time in getting patients to the hospital is usually where a lot of the damage occurs,” says UCLA’s Johnese Spisso. [Audio download]

Human memory improved by electrically stimulating brain | Medical Xpress

Neuroscientists at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA have discovered precisely where and how to electrically stimulate the human brain to enhance people’s recollection of distinct memories. People with epilepsy who received low-current electrical pulses showed a significant improvement in their ability to recognize specific faces and ignore similar ones. (Also: Scienmag)

Life and death of the indie-rock heyday | Vox

It would have been hard to tell in 1997, but we were at the foot of what UCLA music historian Robert Fink calls Britney Mountain: After that, the slope became harder to ignore.

College costs trend up as financial aid lags | POLITICO

The UCLA Civil Rights Project is out with a new report that estimates California students lost 840,656 days during the 2014-2015 academic year due to suspensions. The suspensions are doled out disproportionately to black and Latino students.

Health access too important for sloganeering | CALmatters

An exhaustive study by UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research, released last year, found that health care is now a $367 billion per year California industry, with 71 percent paid by local, state and federal governments and the remainder by employers and/or individual consumers.

Don’t blame wildfires on ‘perfect storm’ of weather events | The Conversation

[Commentary written by UCLA visiting researcher Gregory Simon] And such large fire disasters, while undesirable, should never be viewed as unthinkable. The truth is, we knew these fires were possible and that there were inherent dangers when these communities were built. How did we know? The historically active fire regime in California and across the American West stands as a stark and foreboding reminder of these perilous landscapes.

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