UCLA In the News October 6, 2017

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How to effectively talk about gun violence in America | Los Angeles Times

After a horrific tragedy like the Las Vegas massacre, Americans argue about whether it’s the right time to talk about our gun violence problem. The real issue is not when to discuss it, but how. In all the words we’ve heard since Sunday night, this much is clear: We don’t talk about guns and gun violence the right way. (Commentary by UCLA’s Adam Winkler) (Also: Wall Street Journal, KPCC-FM’s “Take Two”)

UCLA nurse among those injured in Las Vegas | KNBC-TV

So many stories of heroes jumping into action during the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Natalie Vanderstay is among them. Now, usually she is the one who is helping others in need because she’s a nurse at UCLA. But when the bullets pierced the crowd at the Route 91 festival, she was the one who then needed help. (Also: KTTV-TV)

The psychological toll of witnessing a mass shooting | KPCC-FM

“You can see PTSD symptoms similar to what you see with our military and our vets,” said UCLA’s Melissa Brymer. (Audio download. Approx. 3:00 mark)

UCLA’s costume expert on the allure of movie memorabilia | BBC News

As chair of the David C. Copley Center for Costume Design at University of California, Los Angeles, Deborah Nadoolman-Landis is well placed to offer an opinion. … “People are supposed to fall in love with the people on screen and when you fall in love with Indiana Jones you want something from the character. Memorabilia is an extension of falling in love with the film.”

Students’ success is a question of attitude | Times Higher Education

According to the well-grounded theory developed by psychologist Bernard Weiner at the University of California, Los Angeles, humans are preoccupied with asking “why.” What he calls “attributions” are the explanations that people give for their successes and failures. These result in a sense of competence (high or low) that, in turn, contributes to people’s motivation.

Russia investigation moves into uncharted territory | Business Insider

Jon Michaels, a professor at the UCLA School of Law, said Tuesday that it was becoming clear that by probing the questions surrounding Trump’s pardon power, Mueller’s team was “being very strategic” and was “trying to preempt efforts that have the effect of insulating the administration from the investigations.”

Black tea could help with weight loss | KTLA-TV

Black tea may aid weight loss by boosting metabolism but only if you don’t drink it with milk. Researchers at UCLA say the larger molecules in black tea are poorly absorbed in the intestine which may encourage the growth of weight loss-boosting bacteria. (Also: Men’s Health)

Which items in our kitchens contain BPA? | NPR’s “The Salt”

The root of scientists’ concern about BPA in containers is that the chemical can leach out of packaging and into food. This happens when plastic deteriorates and releases its chemical contents, according to Nancy Wayne, a reproductive neuroendocrinologist at UCLA.

Researchers create molecule that could ‘kick and kill’ HIV | Medical Xpress

“The latent HIV reservoir is very stable and can reactivate virus replication if a patient stops taking antiretroviral drugs for any reason,” said Matthew Marsden, an assistant professor of medicine in the division of hematology oncology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and the study’s lead author. “Our study suggests that there may be means of activating latent virus in the body while the patient is on antiretroviral drugs to prevent the virus from spreading, and that this may eliminate at least some of the latent reservoir.” (Also: Asian News International)

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