UCLA In the News September 14, 2018

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UCLA scientists want to use surfers to study antibiotic-resistant bacteria showing up along Southern California coast | KPCC-FM

“We can show a temporal effect. We can show a colonization following an exposure, which is actually really hard to do with the human population. You couldn’t do an experiment where you purposely put people into an environment with antibiotic-resistant bacteria,” said UCLA’s Jennifer Jay.

Is Disneyland exempt from Anaheim’s ‘living wage’ ballot measure? The debate rages | Los Angeles Times

Kirk Stark, a UCLA professor of tax law and policy, also thinks the parking garage deal may not fit the definition of a tax rebate but he is not as certain. “You could easily see people making arguments on both sides” of the debate, he said. “It all turns on how one interprets those words.” If the question ends up in litigation, Stark said a judge may consider the intent of those who brought the measure forward.

How fair are hearings by video for undocumented immigrants? | NPR

“Those that have all their hearings in video were more likely to be deported.… Judges that I spoke with about video conferencing told me that advising litigants of their rights can be awkward and less effective over a screen than face-to-face,” said UCLA’s Ingrid Eagly. (Approx 2:45 mark – audio download)

BPA substitutes may be just as bad as the popular consumer plastic | Science

If the new results hold in further animal and human studies, they could upend efforts to mollify consumers’ health concerns over the plastics in food and beverage containers. “It suggests these replacement bisphenols are not safe,” says Patrick Allard, a molecular biologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who was not involved with the study. (Also: The Scientist, Discover)

Federal lawmakers vote to make it easier to conduct cannabis research | KCRW-FM

“Outside of my office window, I can actually see multiple dispensaries surrounding UCLA. But we cannot touch that material, even to test what’s in it.… As a researcher, you have no other options. So what this bill would do is it would allow for, I guess you could call it, in a sense, certainly diversity of cannabis products,” said UCLA’s Jeff Chen.

10 titles in running for nonfiction National Book Award are announced | Los Angeles Times

Anderson is one of a few authors nominated for a book about social and economic issues. Joining her on the list are UCLA law professor Adam Winkler (“We the Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights”) and Harvard University fellow Sarah Smarsh (“Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth”).

Doctor to the stars is disciplined over use of controversial menopause therapy | People

“There’s a definite concern that for some women they may be dangerous,” said Dr. Janet Pregler, director of the Iris Cantor-UCLA Women’s Health Center. “Often these [hormones] are presented as risk-free, when we as physicians know that nothing you put in your body is risk-free.” (Also: Kaiser Health News)

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