UCLA In the News September 15, 2017

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Kidney voucher program counts on karma to improve donations | CNN

Broadman, the Visalia grandfather, took that idea further, proposing that donors be able to give their organs in advance — essentially to save a person today so that a relative might be saved down the road. “Sometimes [a patient] may be heading toward transplantation in the next few years, but it would be more convenient for a friend or family member to donate a kidney now,” said Dr. Jeffrey Veale, a transplant surgeon who initiated the voucher program at UCLA.

UCLA scientists create pocket-size air conditioner | Los Angeles Times

But the new device takes advantage of electrocaloric effects, harnessing an electric field to shunt unwanted heat through specially designed materials, said senior author Qibing Pei, a UCLA materials scientist. Pei and his colleagues used a polymer with special properties and layered it in an open space between a heat source (the part you want to be cool) and a heat sink (the part that takes in all the unwanted heat).

UCLA announces free mental health services for incoming students | KCAL-TV

A big announcement from UCLA: for the first time the school will be offering free mental health screenings and treatment to all incoming students. The treatments will be available for the nearly 10,000 incoming freshmen and transfer students and eventually they will be available for all students. (Also: KNBC-TV and KPCC-FM audio download)

Guardians against fascism or lawless thrill-seekers? | Washington Post

The antifa movement should be seen in the context of rising intolerance on the left, particularly on college campuses, said Mark Peterson, a professor of public policy, political science and law at UCLA. This intolerance is ironic, he said, because decades ago, it was suspected leftists who were barred from universities and blacklisted from Hollywood. “So it can’t simply be left to a young and not particularly well historically informed group of people to say, ‘We get to determine who’s a fascist and … do whatever we want to them,’” he said.

Scientists study spinning head of sperm in 3D | International Business Times

The microscope is not only useful for observing sperm, but could also shed some new light on micro robotics. By mimicking the way sperm reacts and moves inside its environment could help in creating microscale robots, said Aydogan Ozcan, UCLA’s Chancellor’s Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Bioengineering. (Also: Engadget)

Superheroes visit kids at UCLA hospital | Los Angeles Daily News

The Hulk, Batman, Wonderwoman.… They are known as crime fighters. But on Wednesday, they were “grime-fighters” as a group of window-washers, dressed up as the famed superheroes, visited kids at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

California wildfires have been decreasing | Mercury News

Since a peak in 1980, there have been fewer and fewer wildfires in California. This is true across the entire state, according to researcher Jon Keeley, who is also a professor at UCLA. According to his paper, co-authored with Alexandra D. Syphard, we need to rethink our ideas about the frequency of wildfires. “The claim commonly made in research papers and the media that fire activity is increasing throughout the western USA is certainly an over-statement,” wrote the authors. (Also: KTTV-TV and KTLA-TV)

Drug transparency bill heads to governor’s desk | KPCC-FM

Economists are divided over whether the measure would work to shame drug makers into holding prices down. “I believe in shaming,” said Stewart Schweiter, professor of health policy and management at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

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