UCLA In the News September 6, 2017

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The stress-fighting power of tai chi | CNN

Most health research into the benefits of tai chi focus on people over 50. But the earlier you start in life, the more you reap the rewards, says Dr. Michael Irwin, director of UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center. He says the benefits are cumulative.

UCLA is named No. 1 U.S. public university | BBC News

Times Higher Education, which compiles the rankings, said that margins were extremely tight at the top, with all the top-ranked institutions excelling against measures in teaching, research, citations, international outlook and income.

Universities respond to DACA decision | Los Angeles Times

“UCLA stands in solidarity with all of our students, especially our undocumented students, for whom the federal government’s action will be met with fear and uncertainty. …” In a message to the campus community, [Chancellor Gene] Block said UCLA would continue to provide such services as information and campus support services, including legal and counseling services.

Still on the books in 33 states: HIV crime laws | HuffPost

A 2015 report by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law found the overwhelming majority of people — 95 percent — charged with HIV crimes in California were sex workers. The report also found that nearly every charge resulted in a conviction; the average prison sentence was longer than two years.

The growing threat of a hotter Los Angeles | KCRW-FM

“Doctors don’t even think of exposure to heat as a real problem sometimes,” says UCLA professor of medicine and public health David Eisenman. “It’s not been a statewide effort to help the medical profession understand this better. We’re not doing anything to help make sure this gets diagnosed more often. We’re not doing anything to systematically warn our patients about it. So this is not being dealt with on a professional level in California.”

What is hyperemesis gravidarum? | NBC News

Dr. Marlena Schoenberg Fejzo, associate faculty researcher at UCLA and USC says “a very rough estimate would be about 100,000 women per year suffer from HG in the US annually.” Fejzo adds that HG accounts for over 167,000 ER visits per year.

Vaginal estrogen not tied to cancer or heart disease risks | Reuters Health

“The results of the study suggest that the use of vaginal estrogen may not actually carry the same health risks as the use of estrogen pills,” said lead study author Dr. Carolyn Crandall of the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Post-Harvey, immigrants in demand for day labor | U.S. News and World Report

A 2009 study by researchers at University of California, Los Angeles and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network found that day laborers working on storm recovery during Hurricane Katrina were commonly exposed to mold, worked on roofs without safeguards against falling and were exposed to chemicals and asbestos.

Microscopy without lenses | Physics Today

(Article co-written by UCLA’s Aydogan Ozcan) The use and applications of lens-free microscopes continue to grow in both academic and industrial settings. Commercialization efforts are ongoing, with some products already available. As some of those approaches mature, we expect to see significantly increased adoption, first by scientists who routinely use microscopes and then by consumers and commercial developers seeking portable and cost-effective microscopy solutions.

Nearing a “day of reckoning” on retirees | New American Media

Shaping the magnitude of the challenge, the number of U.S. seniors will nearly double from 41.2 million in 2010 to 81.2 million in 2040, according to Steven P. Wallace, Ph.D., director of the Center for Health Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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