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Alzheimer's Authority Dr. Gary Small Named Director of UCLA Center on Aging


Dr. Gary Small, professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences atthe UCLA School of Medicine, has been named director of the UCLA Centeron Aging. Small, who has served as the center's interim director for thepast year, replaces Dr. David Solomon, who retired after 44 years of serviceto UCLA.

Small is a preeminent leader in the field of Alzheimer's disease andits relationship to depression in later life. He also directs the geriatricpsychiatry and psychology training programs at the UCLA School of Medicine.

"I am looking forward to building our research and educationalprograms and augmenting campus-wide efforts on aging," Small said.

"I have admired Gary Small ever since he arrived at UCLA 15 yearsago," said Solomon. "He is a brilliant scientist, a splendidteacher and a wise and caring physician. Under his direction, I am surethe center will accomplish great things."

A prolific researcher, Small leads interdisciplinary research projectson early detection of Alzheimer's disease and determining disease riskthrough use of positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) scanning, and genetic studies. Small's studies and training programsare supported by the National Institute on Aging, the National Instituteon Mental Health and the Alzheimer's Association.

Small has received several awards and honors from organizations includingthe Alzheimer's Association and the International Psychogeriatrics Association.He is co-author of the book "Parentcare" and is on the editorialboards of many academic journals, including "Alzheimer's Disease andAssociated Disorders," "International Psychogeriatrics"and "Psychiatry Research." Small has published more than 150articles and book chapters and lectured extensively throughout the worldon the issues of aging.

The UCLA Center on Aging was established to improve the quality of lifefor older adults by promoting improved health, new work opportunities,volunteerism and lifelong learning. In addition to providing lectures andother resources to the community, the center supports research and educationthroughout the UCLA campus in areas such as medicine, biology, social sciences,education and economics.



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