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New UCLA Admissions Data Show Increase In Freshmen Minority Students For Fall 2000


New UCLA admissions figures show a slight increase in the number of underrepresented students enrolled as freshmen for fall 2000. Among the total student population, however, minority enrollment at UCLA has declined since the end of affirmative action.

Of the 4,203 freshmen enrolled this fall, underrepresented students — American Indian, African American and Chicano/Latino — comprise 17 percent, compared to 16 percent in fall 1999. Among the total student population at UCLA, underrepresented students make up 18.1 percent, down from 19 percent last fall.

"Diversity of the student body has always been and will continue to be one of UCLA's greatest assets and highest priorities," said UCLA Chancellor Albert Carnesale. "We must continue to focus our efforts in ensuring that all segments of the population are adequately represented in the student body."

While voicing concern over the decline in overall numbers, Carnesale praised the university's recruitment efforts, which resulted in nearly 40 percent of admitted freshmen actually enrolling at UCLA. Among underrepresented students admitted for fall, the percentage who enrolled was even greater (45.2 percent). Of the 1,544 American Indian, African-American and Chicano/Latino students admitted as freshmen for fall 2000, 698 ultimately enrolled.

New data show that Asian Americans continue to be the fastest-growing and largest ethnic group on campus, constituting 40.6 percent (1,671) of this fall's freshman class, slightly up from 39.9 percent (1,624) last fall. Included among Asian Americans are Filipinos, who account for 4.0 percent (164) of the 2000 freshman class, down from 4.5 percent (183) last fall.

African Americans account for 3.8 percent of the 2000 freshman class, up from 3.7 percent last year. This fall, 157 African Americans (of 315 admitted) are enrolled as freshmen, compared to last year's enrollment of 151 (of 329 admitted).

Among Chicanos/Latinos enrolled as freshmen, the number increased from 12 percent last year to 12.8 percent for fall 2000. Of the 1,180 admitted this year, 525 are enrolled at UCLA as freshmen. Last year, the university admitted 1,041 Chicanos/Latinos and 489 enrolled as freshmen.

The figures for Native Americans increased slightly. Native Americans represent only .4 percent of the domestic freshman population, up from .3 percent last year. This fall, UCLA enrolled 16 Native Americans (of 49 admitted) for the freshman class, compared to last fall's enrollment figure of 13 (of 41 admitted).

The number and percentage of white/Caucasian students enrolled in this year's freshman class declined over last fall. White/Caucasian students make up 33 percent of freshmen, down from last fall's 34.1 percent. A total of 1,362 white/Caucasians (of 3,579 admitted) registered as freshmen this fall, compared to last fall's enrollment of 1,387 (of 3,461 admitted).

Rae Lee Siporin, UCLA's director of Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools, cautioned that some groups may be misrepresented because of the number of students who declined to state their race or ethnicity. Siporin noted that 308 students enrolled as freshmen this fall chose not to reveal their race or ethnicity (of 917 admitted). Last fall, 322 students enrolled declined to state their race or ethnicity (of 846 admitted).

In an effort to increase the number of underrepresented students attending UCLA, the university has embarked on its most ambitious outreach plan to date. The university's efforts include long-term partnerships with K–12 schools and districts across Los Angeles; working directly with students to help them achieve at their highest level; collaborating with K–12 teachers and administrators to improve the K–12 curricula and foster a college-going culture; working with parents to actively support their children's education; and creating community centers ("hubs") throughout Los Angeles to provide comprehensive academic and socioeconomic support to educationally disadvantaged children, families and communities.

At UCLA, other recently released admissions data show that:

    • Total UCLA enrollment, including foreign students and interns/residents, is 36,890, up from 36,351 last year.
    • The mean high school grade point average (including honors and advanced placement courses) for this year's freshman class is 4.05.
    • The average combined SAT scores for the 2000 freshman class is 1,277. The average verbal score is 617, while the average math score is 660.
    • The number of foreign students at UCLA continues to rise. This fall, a total of 2,306 foreign students are enrolled at UCLA, compared to 2,016 last year.
    • A total of 2,268 transfer students enrolled at UCLA for fall 2000, compared to 2,249 last fall.



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