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Performers With Disabilitites Offered Artistic and Professional Education at Los Angeles Conference


A national conference designed to help performers with disabilitiesadvance their careers by better understanding both the business and artof performing will be held May 27-30 at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.

Sponsored by UCLA-based Association for Theatre and Accessibility, "PromotingCreative Power" is intended for actors, dancers, singers and otherartists with physical, developmental or other disabilities.

The conference will include educational programs, seminars and lectureson topics such as audience development, arts careers, attracting funding,mixed-ability dance, video production and auditioning techniques. Presenterswill include Bert Perl, co-executive producer of the television show "Touchedby an Angel," Victoria Ann Lewis, director of the Other Voices Projectand writer-producer David Balkan.

"This event will bring together multiple facets of the arts communityto help develop the professional skills of disabled performers, as wellas highlight their incredible work," said Olivia Raynor, one of theconference organizers and director of the UCLA-based National Arts andDisability Center.

Co-sponsors of "Promoting Creative Power" include the Corporationon Disabilities and Telecommunication, the Media Access Office, the ShortCenter Repertory, Theatrical Sign Language Interpreters and IntegratedDance Companies.

For registration information for "Promoting Creative Power,"please phone the Association for Theatre and Accessibility at (310) 825-5054or visit their site on the World Wide Web at



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