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Rockefeller Foundation Awards $250,000 to UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance


The Rockefeller Foundation has awarded a four-year $250,000 grant tothe UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance (CIP) to help fund the AsiaPacific Performance Exchange (APPEX) Writers Fellowship Program under thefoundation's Resident Fellowship in the Humanities program. The gift wasone of nine given to new programs, and the only one awarded to a performingarts program this year. Announcement of the grant was made by ProfessorJudy Mitoma, director of the CIP.

The APPEX Writers Fellowship Program complements the CIP's existingAPPEX Artists Fellowship Program. Together, they will place writers, artistsand scholars in an interactive six-week residency program, providing themwith a rich cross-cultural and interdisciplinary working environment. Fourwriters from Asia and the United States will be chosen as Fellows to workin residency with twenty-eight artists during the summer of 1999. The programwill run from July 1 - August 14.

The program's theme, "Cross-cultural Collaboration - ExaminingCreativity in a Performance World," draws its subject matter directlyfrom the activities of the workshops. As writers interact with artistsand observe workshop activities, they will develop their research topics,begin writing, and within a year complete an essay that will become a partof a published volume.

"Having writers and scholars in residence in the APPEX programis a natural extension of our work here at UCLA," said Mitoma. "Thanksto the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, the dynamic relationshipbetween theory and practice will become a central part of our program."

APPEX is an international artists and writers residency program thatpromotes cross-cultural and interdisciplinary understanding; develops rigorousstrategies for art-making that reflect the nuances of cultural differences;and fosters new ways to experiment, collaborate and interpret artisticexpression. Since its inception in 1995, APPEX has brought together morethan 45 traditional and contemporary performing artists from throughoutthe United States and Asia - including Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia,Japan, Korea, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam - for intensive residencysessions on the UCLA campus. Applications for the APPEX Fellowships canbe requested by calling (310) 206-1335. Information and applications canbe downloaded from the CIP web site at http://www.arts.ucla.educ/centers/cip/cip.html.Applications are due by December 1, 1998.

The Center for Intercultural Performance, an integral part of the Departmentof World Arts and Cultures in the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture,is an institutional vehicle for interdisciplinary research, creative experimentationand public outreach. Whereas the department attends to the educationalneeds of UCLA students, the CIP serves as a link to the outside world byinitiating and supporting intercultural exchange and collaboration. Itsultimate purpose is to connect multicultural arts education and researchwithin the University to the real-world needs of artists from diverse communitiesand traditions.



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