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Television Personality Bob Barker Donated $1 Million to the UCLA School of Law to Create the Bob Barker Endowment Fund for the Study of Animal Rights Law


Television personality Bob Barker donated $1 million to theUCLA School of Law to create the Bob Barker Endowment Fund for the Study ofAnimal Rights Law.

The UCLA endowment fund willsupport teaching, research, seminars and lectures at the law school in theemerging field of animal rights law.

"Animal exploitation happens throughout this country andelsewhere," Barker said. "Animals need all the protection we can give them. Weintend to introduce a growing number of law students to this area of the law inhopes that they will ultimately lead a national effort to make it illegal tobrutalize and exploit these helpless creatures."

UCLA law professor Taimie Bryant, an expert in the field ofanimal rights law who will spearhead the UCLA School of Law effort and whoteaches a course in animal law, will focus her scholarship on the theoreticalissues of conceptualizing these rights and on legislative and other legalregulation of humane treatment of animals.

While this area is a growing practice field in the legalcommunity, it is not highly developed in terms of theory, said Michael H.Schill, dean of the UCLA School of Law.

"The generous gift from Mr. Barker will enable the UCLASchool of Law to conduct research in the area of animal law from multiple perspectives,"Schill said. "It also will allow us to support the activities of our studentswho are interested in the area."

Barker, an ardent animal rights advocate of long standing,created the DJ&T Foundation in 1995 with the goal of helping solve the tragicproblem of animal overpopulation. The nonprofit foundation is devoted to thesupport of low-cost spay and neuter clinics and voucher programs. Thetelevision host, who ends every "Price Is Right" show with an appeal to viewersto spay or neuter their pets, felt compelled to do more to address the problemsfaced by animals.

A similar foundation previously established at Harvard LawSchool has already had an impact on the field of animal rights law nationally.

UCLA School of Law, which has a tradition of innovation, isthe youngest major law school in the nation. Founded in 1949, the school is aleader in interdisciplinary research and training. UCLA also is at theforefront of efforts to link research to its effects on society and the legalprofession.

California's largest university, UCLA enrolls approximately38,000 students per year and offers degrees from the UCLA College and 11professional schools in dozens of varied disciplines. UCLA consistently ranksamong the top five universities and colleges nationwide in totalresearch-and-development spending and receives more than $750 million a year inresearch contracts and federal and state grants. For every $1 state taxpayersinvest in UCLA, the university generates almost $9 in economic activity, resultingin an annual $6 billion economic impact on the Greater Los Angeles region. Theuniversity's health care network treats 450,000 patients per year. UCLA employsmore than 27,000 faculty and staff, and is home to five Nobel Prize recipients.



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