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UCLA Alumnus Offers Challenge to Other Library and Information Science Graduates


Kenneth Karmiole, proprietor ofKenneth Karmiole, Bookseller Inc., has pledged a giftof up to $40,000 to the Library and Information Science Alumni AssociationFellowship at UCLA's Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, asa match to gifts received by Dec. 31. Karmiolereceived his master's of library science from the School of Library Service in1971.

"The program provides a comprehensive field of study ininformation, covering how it is created, identified, managed, structured,accessed and preserved," Karmiole said."Additionally, it allows students to obtain an extensive understanding of aspecialized field, enabling them to pursue a career which fits their individualinterests. I created the challenge to encourage others to contribute andpromote this outstanding program."

The Karmiole Fellowship, endowedby Karmiole in 2002, supports one student each yearin the field of rare books and manuscripts.

"The support of our alumni is vital to maintaining ourleading role in training top information professionals," said UCLA professorAnne Gilliland, information studies chair. "Generous gifts such as these trulymake a difference, both in the lives of our students and the communities thatthey will serve upon graduation."

Successful completion of Karmiole'schallenge gift will increase the association fellowship's annual award to fivetimes its current amount.

Gifts should be made payable to: The UCLA Foundation, FundNo. 9236, and can be sent to the Graduate School of Education & InformationStudies Development Office at P.O. Box 24209, Los Angeles, CA 90099.

For more information on the Library and Information ScienceAlumni Association Fellowship, call (310) 206-0375.

About the school

One of 11 professional schools at UCLA, the Graduate Schoolof Education & Information Studies consists of two academic departments,the department of education and the

department of information studies. The Graduate School ofEducation was founded in 1939 and was UCLA's first professional school. TheSchool of Library Service was founded in 1958. The two schools merged in 1994,forming the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies.

UCLA is the only major research university in the countrythat combines departments of education and information studies. The schoolshares its findings with practicing educators and information professionalsthrough classes, seminars and workshops offered at UCLA and in the community,and through reports, studies and articles featured in publications nationwide.

The school is home to the highly respected nationwide surveyof college freshmen, the CIRP (Cooperative Institutional Research Program),published annually in mid-January; and the Corinne A. Seeds UniversityElementary School, the only university-based pre-kindergarten through sixthgrade laboratory school in the country.

The Graduate School of Education & Information Studiesis the No. 1-ranked public graduate school of education in the nation (No. 2overall, following Harvard), according to U.S. News & World Report's 2005 survey.



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