UCLA Engineering Professor Asad Abidi Elected to the Prestigious National Academy of Engineering


UCLA engineering professor Asad Abidi has been elected tothe National Academy of Engineering, the highest professional lifetimedistinction accorded to American engineers.

Honored for his contributions to the development ofintegrated circuits for wireless communication in complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) technology,which is used to fabricate microprocessors and digital signal processors, Abidiis now among a select 2,217 academy members nationwide, along with 188 foreignassociates.

Academy membership honors those who have made outstandingcontributions to engineering research, practice or education. Established in1964, the academy shares responsibility with the National Academy of Sciencesfor advising the federal government on questions of policy in science andtechnology.

"I feel the key importance of my election into the academyis that it highlights the groundbreaking work my colleagues at UCLA Electrical Engineeringand I have undertaken over the last two decades in CMOS radios," Abidi said. "Itis this research that has really helped to define a new industry, and that ismy greatest reward. Every mass-produced wireless communication device today isin CMOS."

The UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science is thehome of CMOS radio technology, which originated in the school's researchlaboratories in the mid-1990s.

Abidi has been an electricalengineering faculty member at the Samueli School since 1985, where he, in collaboration with otherengineering colleagues, led the way in the creation of the field of study andresearch now known as integrated circuits and systems.

"The work Iconducted with my colleagues has always had the overarching theme of industryimpact," Abidi said. "We did not try to keep the work under wraps. We strove toinnovate so that we could share the knowledge with the rest of the world. I'mproud to have been part of this philosophy of research."

Abidi's researchcareer has focused on research in CMOS RFdesign, high-speed analog integrated circuit design, data conversion and othertechniques of analog signal processing. His work has led to newarchitectures in modern wireless devices and a new way of designing thecircuits that enable them.

Prior to his tenure at UCLA,Abidi worked as a member of the technical staff at Bell Laboratories' Advanced LSI Development Laboratory in Murray Hill, NJ. He has received a number of awards and honorsthroughout his career, including the 1988 TRW (now Northrup Grumman) Award forInnovative Teaching and the 1997 Institute of Electrical and ElectronicsEngineers Donald G. Fink Award, presented for the most outstanding survey,review or tutorial paper published in the institute's transactions, journals ormagazines, or delivered in proceedings, during a given year. Abidi earned hisB.S., with honors, from Imperial College London and hisM.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the Universityof California, Berkeley.

The mission of National Academy of Engineering is to promotethe technological welfare of the nation by gathering the knowledge and insightsof eminent members of the engineering profession. The NAE is the portal for allengineering activities at the National Academies, which along with the NAEinclude the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicineand the National Research Council.

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