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UCLA Heart Surgeon Wins Prestigious Media Award for DVD Production of 'The Helical Heart'


Dr.Gerald Buckberg, distinguished professor ofcardiothoracic surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, washonored with the 2005 Freddie award in the category of Basic and ClinicalScience at the International Health and Medical Media Awards in New York Cityon Nov. 4.

Buckberg's entry, "The Helical Heart," is a 37-minute educational DVD thatilluminates a modern revolution in cardiac anatomy. It features input fromcardiologists and heart surgeons, and from Dr. F. Torrent-Guasp,a cardiologist who used hand dissection to literally unwind the heart's"rope-like" helical structure and reveal its ventricular myocardial band. Thevideo includes an actual heart dissection demonstration by Torrent-Guasp.

"Anatomistshave traditionally dissected the heart, but they did not understand theperennial problem of where the heart started and where the heart stopped. Dr.Torrent-Guasp solved this mystery by showing the siteof origin and end of the myocardial fiber band," Buckbergsaid. "Some consider this new insight even more important than William Harvey'sdiscovery of the circulatory system in 1638."

Throughdetailed graphic animations and interviews, the DVD explores how the newconcept of a helical heart is changing the way medical professionals thinkabout the heart. Not only will the helical configuration soon appear in leadinganatomy textbooks, but heart surgeons are using this knowledge to change theway heart procedures are performed.

Buckberg learned about Torrent-Guasp's work about sixyears ago and considered it to be a revolution in conventional thought. Hehelped produce the DVD, which was created by VesaliusStudios.

Buckberg said the DVD is designed for students of all ages and anyone who isinterested in learning about this enormous breakthrough in understanding theheart's anatomy. More information about the DVD can be found at

Organizedby MediMedia, the Freddie awards recognize excellencein medical documentaries, series, shorts, videos, Web sites, DVDs and CD-ROMsfrom around the world. The awards are named after Dr. Fred Gottlieb, whofounded the annual film competition.



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