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UCLA Mathematician Terence Tao Named a MacArthur Fellow


Terence Tao, UCLA professor of mathematics, today was nameda MacArthur fellow for 2006. MacArthur fellows receive unrestricted support touse as they see fit.

"Terence Tao is a mathematician who has developed profoundinsights into a host of difficult areas, including partial differentialequations, harmonic analysis, combinatorics and number theory," the John D. andCatherine T. MacArthur Foundation said. "His work is characterized by breadthand depth, technical brilliance and profound insight, placing him as one of theoutstanding mathematicians of his time."

In August, Tao became the first mathematics professor inUCLA history to be awarded the prestigious Fields Medal, often described as the"Nobel Prize in mathematics." Tao is also one of two UCLA professors on PopularScience magazine's list of "The Brilliant 10" scientists in the October 2006issue, along with chemistry professor Omar Yaghi.

"For 26 years, the MacArthur Fellows Program has recognizedand supported individuals who inspire us," said MacArthur President JonathanFanton. "This new group of MacArthur Fellows illustrates our conviction thattalented and creative individuals, free to follow their insights and instincts,will reveal new discoveries and make a difference in shaping our future."

Nominations for MacArthur Fellows are accepted only frominvited nominators, who identify people who demonstrate "exceptional creativityand promise." Each MacArthur fellow will receive $500,000 over five years.

Previous UCLA MacArthur Fellows include Saul Friedlander(1999), who holds UCLA's 1939 Club endowed chair in history; Elinor Ochs(1998), professor of anthropology and applied linguistics; Susan McClary(1995), professor of musicology; Rogers Brubaker (1994), professor ofsociology; Richard Turco (1986), professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences,and a member of UCLA's Institute of the Environment; and Jared Diamond (1985),professor of geography and environmental health sciences.

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