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UCLA Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor Selected to Hold New Margaret Holden Jones Kanaar, M.D., Chair in Cerebral Palsy


Dr. William L. Oppenheim (Marina del Rey), professorand chief of the Division of Pediatric Orthopedics at the David Geffen Schoolof Medicine at UCLA, has been named as the firstholder of the Margaret Holden Jones Kanaar, M.D., Chair in Cerebral Palsy.

Theexecutive chair was established as a result of an estate gift from the late Dr.Margaret Holden Jones Kanaar, professor emeritus ofpediatrics at UCLA, and a world-renowned pioneer in the field of cerebralpalsy.

The chair will support the chief of the Division ofPediatric Orthopaedics and the director of the Center for Cerebral Palsy in theDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery. This position will provide leadership ininnovative research and education related to cerebral palsy.

The establishment of this chair also will provide importantresources to help promote the medical school's basic science initiatives andplay an integral role in advancing this important area of medical sciences.Funding from the Jones Kanaar Chair may be used to support graduate assistants,postdoctoral fellows, laboratory research, supplies, educational activities orother related areas. The investigative advances fostered by the creation ofthis chair will ultimately translate into optimal care for patients.

Oppenheim remarked that he is extremely grateful to the manydonors who unselfishly support research and patient care for a group of chronic— and currently incurable — disorders that constitute the most common cause ofchildhood disability. He believes that Margaret Jones would be proud of theclinic that she helped establish, and the progress being made in the field as aresult of her generosity.

Oppenheim has spent his entire 25-year academic career atUCLA. He has written 60 peer-reviewed articles and 15 textbook chapters, anddelivered more than 200 national and regional presentations in his field. Hehas served as a visiting professor in North America, Europe and Asia and, mostrecently, was a guest professor of the Mexican Pediatric Orthopedic Society inZihuatanejo, Mexico.

In September Oppenheim was elected as second vice presidentof the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine and willserve as president in 2006. He also has served as chairman of the AnnualMargaret Jones Kanaar Cerebral Palsy Conference for the past six years. Hetwice has been named as one of America's Best Doctors, and was presented theWhite Swan Award of the Los Angeles-based Abilities First Organization for hiswork in establishing the UCLA /Orthopaedic Hospital Center for Cerebral Palsy.

The UCLA/Orthopaedic Hospital Center for Cerebral Palsy isthe only center in Southern California that serves both children and adults —throughout the patient's lifespan — and offers all services includingorthopedic, neurosurgical, psychiatric and neurological consultations, alongwith occupational and physical therapy, dietetic and psychological services.

Oppenheim resides in Marina del Rey with his wife, Patricia,a Superior Court judge, and their daughter Jennifer, a sixth grader at theCarlthorpe School in Santa Monica.



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