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UCLA's Information Studies Department Receives $100,000 From Local Book Dealer


UCLA'S Graduate School of Education & Information Studies(GSE&IS) is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of a $100,000 giftto establish the Kenneth Karmiole Fellowship.

The endowed fellowship will help advance leadership in the field oflibrary and information studies with an emphasis on rare books and manuscripts."If the great programs currently offered at GSE&IS are to remain great,they will need financial help from the public, especially the alumni," saidKenneth Karmiole, donor and M.L.S. graduate from UCLA's School of LibraryService in 1971.

"This generous gift will help us to continue to foster a compellinglearning environment for our students," said Aimee Dorr, dean of GSE&IS. "Our ability to continue toproduce highly trained graduates who connect people with knowledge throughoutthe world depends to a large part on the generosity of people like KennethKarmiole."

One student each year will be chosen by a faculty committee to receivethe fellowship, which will cover approximately half of the student's tuitionand fees. The choice will be based upon merit and achievement in the field ofrare books and manuscripts.

Karmiole is the owner of Kenneth Karmiole, Bookseller Inc. in SantaMonica. For more than a quarter of a century, he has been a rare book dealerwho has associated himself with many UCLA programs, particularly that ofGSE&IS and the Director's Advisory Council of the William Andrews ClarkMemorial Library. Four times a year, Karmiole publishes a rare book catalog andparticipates in many of the Antiquarian book fairs held in the United Statesand around the world.

One of 11 professional schools at UCLA, theGraduate School of Education & Information Studies consists of two academicdepartments, the Department of Education and the Department of InformationStudies. The Graduate School of Education was founded in 1939 and was UCLA'sfirst professional school. The Graduate School of Library Service was foundedin 1958. The two schools merged in 1994, forming GSE&IS. UCLA is the onlymajor research university in the country that combines departments of educationand information studies. The school shares its findings with practicingeducators and information professionals through classes, seminars and workshopsoffered at UCLA and in the community, and through reports, studies and articlesfeatured in publications nationwide.



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