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UCLA Library receives its largest gift ever for collections

The UCLA Library has received the largest single gift for collections in its history: $5 million from the Arcadia Fund.
The library plans to use gift funds to support efforts to further develop, preserve and make accessible its collections, which are among the finest in the country and, in some subjects, the world.
"Words cannot express the depth of our thanks for this extraordinary gift," said UCLA University Librarian Gary E. Strong. "We are extremely grateful to Arcadia for its visionary, exemplary generosity, which opens up virtually unlimited possibilities for transformational changes in our collections and the services that support them. We look forward to sharing the tangible results made possible by this gift with present and future students, scholars and researchers worldwide."
Strong said the library is exploring specific uses of the gift that will best achieve his goal of transformative change. Among the possibilities under discussion are projects that build new collections, enhance existing ones, repurpose already digitized materials, expand digitization efforts into new areas of concentration, and explore and develop new types of recorded knowledge.
Funds may also be used to enhance end-user discovery of UCLA Library holdings, encourage the use of materials in novel ways, leverage new technology to attract broader audiences to use them in instruction and scholarship, and manage and make accessible scholarship in new formats.
The Arcadia Fund's key mission is the preservation of cultural knowledge and materials and environmental conservation. This includes near-extinct languages, rare historical archives and museum-quality artifacts and the protection of ecosystems and environments threatened with extinction. Arcadia has made several major donations to the UCLA Library to support the Center for Primary Research and Training in the Charles E. Young Research Library Department of Special Collections, the most recent being a significant gift in 2008 to the endowment supporting the program.
The UCLA Library: Ranked among the top 10 research libraries in the U.S., the UCLA Library system is a campuswide network of libraries serving programs of study and research in many fields. Its collections encompass more than 8 million volumes, as well as archives, audiovisual materials, corporate reports, government publications, microforms, technical reports and other scholarly resources. More than 50,000 serial titles are received regularly. The UCLA Library also provides access to a growing collection of digital resources, including reference works, electronic journals and other full-text titles and images.
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