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Hazing, homophobia block women in building trades, study finds

Abigail Saguy

Abigail Saguy

If construction pays so much more than other fields that don't require a college education, why don't women flock to it?

In a new study, UCLA sociologist Abigail Saguy and UCLA alumna Amy Denissen, now on faculty at California State University, Northridge, blame sexism, homophobia and plain old hazing play for keeping the share of women in the building trades to a paltry 2 percent.

“Gendered Homophobia and the Contradictions of Workplace Discrimination for Women in the Building Trades” appears in the June 2014 issue of the scholarly journal Gender and Society.

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The study comes at a time when the Obama administration is gearing up to host a summit on barriers to maximizing the nation's talented pool of workers. For more on the White House efforts, visit

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