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UCLA and former student settle Taser case

Tabatabainejad v. The Regents of the University of California
U.S. District Court Case No. CV 07-00389 SVW (VBKx)

A former student and UCLA join together to make this public announcement concerning the resolution of litigation concerning the student's interaction with campus police.
In November 2006, police responded to a report of a student who failed to show identification in accordance with security and safety policies for after-hours use of Powell Library. When the student continued to decline to comply with the officers' instructions, the UCLA police officers deployed a Taser to assist in removing him from the library, believing this was the best way to ensure the safety of other students. UCLA conducted an in-depth investigation that ultimately found that the officers' actions were within department policy.

The parties decided to resolve this matter in a way that will allow this student to complete his UCLA degree and move forward with his career. The university is committed to ensuring the safety of its student body, but it is also interested in assisting its students in succeeding in their post-university endeavors. In January 2008, UCLA clarified and bolstered its policy regarding Taser use.

The two parties will have no further comment on the incident or the settlement.

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