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VOL. 24. NO.1 AUGUST 12, 2003


A UC regents committee on finance defeated a proposal by Regent Ward Connerly last month to pull UC funding and sponsorship from events, such as commencement celebrations, that are held by groups of a specific race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Connerly, who had previously called such events held for African-American and Latino groups divisive, unsuccessfully tried to pull the item off the agenda before a vote was taken. UC officials explained that these events are open to all students, regardless of ethnicity or sexual orientation.

UCLA’s Center for Astrobiology has been awarded $5 million of additional research support over five years by NASA for its project, “From Stars to Genes: An Integrated Study of the Prospects for Life in the Cosmos.” Said Edward D. Young, director of the center, professor of Earth and space sciences with UCLA’s Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics: “Over the next five years, we will address such questions as: How are planets formed? Are there habitable planetary bodies outside our solar system?” More than 50 faculty with expertise in such fields as geobiology, paleontology and molecular biology participate in the center.

According to UCLA researchers, a survey of a U.S.-based Latino immigrant population shows that more than half have been exposed to political violence, including torture, in their homeland. However, very few patients inform their primary-care physician about their experiences. The combination of exposure to violence and non-disclosure to the doctors affects the patients’ overall health, diagnosis and treatment, according to researchers.

The University of California has approved a proposal by UC Santa Barbara to establish the nation’s first doctoral program in Chicano studies. The graduate program, which will also include a master of arts track, will be offered by UCSB’s Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies. A proposal for departmental status at UCLA is currently being reviewed by the Faculty Executive Committee of the UCLA College. Another proposal to set up a graduate program with M.A. and Ph.D. tracks is being submitted to an Academic Senate committee at UCLA this fall.


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