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Sound Bites

Trader Joe's is coming to Westwood. What other new businesses and restaurants would you like to see in Westwood, and why?

Marsha Coutin, coordinator, career services, Campus Human Resources

I have been at UCLA for many years and have seen the retail stores come and go. I miss the larger department stores, such as Bullocks and Macy's. I would love to have something of that nature back — for retail therapy purposes.

Dave Benson, auditor, Audit & Advisory Services

I would like to see a traditional family-owned Mexican food establishment that serves real Mexican food, not one that serves gringo Mexican food. Huge burritos, taquitos, crispy tacos, tamales, albondigas, chile rellenos, carnitas, flautas, etc., all at non-Westwood prices. Either that or an Earl Scheib Paint and Body (ha!).

Sheila Jefferson, financial reporting manager, Center for Health Policy Research

I'd like to see a department store or something like a Ross or TJ Maxx. We need to be able to run to the village for last-minute shopping needs.

Teresa Djedjro, office manager, Staff Affirmative Action

I have always wanted to see a clothing store — a colleague and I would love to see a Nordstrom's Rack. And, of course, a 99 Only Store.

Sheila Davis, financial personnel administrator, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies

A 7-11 and/or McDonald's would be nice. I've been at UCLA for 18 years and once upon a time these businesses were in the village, reasonable places to grab a quick bite to eat. Soup Plantation would also be nice. I've always wished for a You Buy We Fry Fish/Seafood restaurant, a Caribbean restaurant, a BBQ restaurant — Phillips, Woody's or Famous Dave's — or even a King Taco.

Teresa Lara, special projects manager, Center for Community Partnerships

I'd like to see a Target where Long's Drugs was to have a place to buy greeting cards and gifts. I would run personal errands during lunch to save weeknight/weekend time.

Elaine Schmidt, senior media relations officer, UCLA Health Sciences Media Relations

Bring Macy's back! There is no clothing store geared to folks over 30 in the village. It would be nice to be able to run into the store to take care of errands, buy a gift or treat myself on my lunch hour. Not to mention the 10% UCLA discount they used to offer us.

Laura Strom, administrative assistant, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

I would like the Green Tea Terrace to return to Westwood. It closed up last November after a few years in business, and I miss it terribly. The green tea smoothies were delicious, and the relaxing ambiance made it a wonderful place to take a brief break from the day. Perhaps the management could be coaxed back with lower rent or the promise of more business when the new Palazzo apartments begin filling up?

Daniel Palmer

Bowling alley with a great arcade.
Do we have a view (penthouse) restaurant (Monty's)
A company that demos and puts up parking structures.
A business that fixes all the sidewalks in Westwood.
A business that could put back left-hand turn lanes.

Valerie Kenyon, division administrator, Division of Adult Psychiatry, UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital & Semel Institute

More Bookstores! Barnes & Noble & Borders. And California Chicken Caf!

Lisa Harrington
, front office coordinator, Department of Linguistics

First off, I'd like to say that I am extremely pleased that a Trader Joe's is being added; I know this will make many members of the UCLA community very happy.

I graduated from UCLA in 2006 and am still a campus staff member, so I am rather familiar with students' main complaints about Westwood, which almost always center around the lack of nightlife. I believe Westwood would definitely benefit from having a dance club, a salsa club, and/or another bar or two. BrewCo and O'Hara's are always very crowded and neither offer the trendy environment that attracts many students to Hollywood, Downtown L.A., or Santa Monica. Having somewhere to get dressed up and go dancing in Westwood would negate the need to pay expensive cab fares and also reduce the risk of students driving under the influence. A good example of the sort of establishment I am referring to would be the V Lounge at 2020 Wilshire in Santa Monica — it's small and has no cover charge but offers good music, a full bar, and a big dance floor. Having inexpensive options available will be what attracts the students the most.

Also, I know more clothing stores would be appreciated by many (again, inexpensive is best).

Suzanne Stinson, UCLA Office of Information Technology

First of all, Yay for TJ's — it's about time. We sure have come a long way from Breadsticks only! I'd personally love to see a Target somewhere in the village — perhaps it could take up some of the real estate that is currently empty or housing 'junk' stores. The village is quite abandoned looking in some areas now, and more retail would make it the great place it once was. One business we will definitely need is more parking lots. I'd also like to see some sort of free 'shopping shuttle' — perhaps an open trolley-type vehicle that would ferry folks from various points around the village to UCLA campus parking lots, Westwood Campus buildings and dorms during the hours of, say, 9-7 so folks could shop during their break/lunch periods then stash their purchases in their trunks. Think of the time and gas (no extra trips when you get home) this will save. This could be paid for by all merchants to encourage shopping in the village.

Lastly I'd like to have the farmers market return.

Barbara Zolkin, administrative assistant, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies

I know everyone would love a Target and a Toys R Us in the Westwood/West L.A. area! We need a Target because it is a great store for everything (from household goods to clothes to books) and the prices are reasonable. I think it would be a great store for UCLA students as well as the Westwood community. We need a Toys R Us because we do not have a local toy store in the West L.A. area and we have a lot of kids here.

Louisa Ovanesian, Bruin OnLine support analyst, Communications Technology Services

That's wonderful news — Trader Joe's should have been here many years ago; I am not quite sure why it took them so long. Nowadays we have so many people trying to eat and purchase natural or organic products but not all can afford Whole Foods. Trader Joe's is more reasonable and can cater to a lot more students, staff and faculty. As to other retail stores, I think Zankoun Chicken, Caf du Monde or Peiwei restaurants will do extremely well. Target would be a nice addition to Westwood; however, I am not sure about the traffic congestion that it might bring to already congested area.

Suellen Coleman, management services officer, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies

I am thrilled that Trader Joe's is coming to Westwood. It makes sense to have a reasonably priced market store offering a variety of organic food as well as non-organic. Westwood needs to accept what it is — whether businesses like it or not, it is a college town and businesses that appealed to the students would be more successful. Having Macy's back here again with a housewares section or a Bed, Bath and Beyond or Linen's & Things would also be a great access to have for students trying to decorate their dorm rooms or apartments. Staff would appreciate being able to shop on their lunch hours so that every weekend isn't filled with errands that they weren't able to do during the week.

Barbara Smith, development research, Donor Relations and Development

TJ's is coming? Fantastic! The other business I would like to see here is a Target Store but can't even imagine where they would put it. The closest one is in the Valley on Sepulveda.

I love the movie theaters in Westwood and am bummed about how many have closed in recent years. And now the National Theater is being torn down, too.

Patricia Magnuson, administrative analyst, Housing Business Office.

I would like to see a laundry mat in the village. My apartment building has only one washer and one dryer. There are times when I would like to take all my laundry to a laundromat to do it all at once, or to use the big machines. The closest laundromat is south of Santa Monica Blvd. and without a car it's a long walk or an awkward bus ride . . . 17 years-plus years of doing laundry one load at a time adds up. My second choice [of a business in Westwood] is a bowling alley.

Tina Jackson, administrative assistant, UCLA Clinical Research Administration

I would like to see a nice bakery where you can order cakes and pastries. Ralph's is good, but and all bakery store will be more convenient.

Nancy Norris, librarian, Cataloguing & Metadata Center

Trader Joe's sounds good, but I can't say that it will do much for the miserable Village traffic. That said, I sorely miss Bullock's Westwood! How about H & M clothing store?

Judy O'Brien, administrative specialist, Dean's Office, School of the Arts & Architecture

I'd like to see a Marshall's or TJMaxx because of its famously huge variety of products currently only available in pricier specialty shops &mndash; and I hope it could be located north of Wilshire, too, not blocks and blocks away like the Ross further down Westwood. It would certainly get me off campus on my lunch hour more often!


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