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Fast-track your professional development

UCLA’s Professional Development Program (PDP), designed to fast-track high-potential employees for leadership positions, is accepting applications for its 2013-14 session until April 25. Now in its 19th year, PDP is one of the most successful career-development programs at UCLA, helping to provide the campus with a diverse, broadly skilled pool of qualified staff to meet the challenges of a changing university.
The year-long program, which is free of cost to participants, begins in September and features several components, including monthly seminars, brown-bag sessions, a 2½-day off-site retreat, mentorships with university leaders, career assessment and coaching. Participants also work with department sponsors on special projects identified as important to university operations, enabling them to demonstrate professional skills to campus leaders. 
Staff members are eligible for participation in PDP if they hold positions at PSS grades 2-6 or equivalent programmer/analyst levels. They must also receive the endorsement of their department and supervisor. Close association between participants, their supervisors and the program coordinator is maintained to ensure that individual career development plans and program activities remain consistent with the university's needs. Supervisors can expect that participants will require approximately 10-12 hours of release time each month. 
Find anapplication here and a supervisor’s assessment form here. For more information, see this website and brochure. This UCLA Today story showcased the program.  
If you have additional questions, contact PDP coordinator Julia Sanchez at -310-794-0853 or by email at
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