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: Assistant Vice Chancellor, Government and Community Relations

Background: After graduating from Indiana University, Parker lectured in the Afro-American Studies Department at the University of Minnesota and later became a specialist in issues of multicultural, non-sex-biased curricula in the Minnesota Department of Education. In 1981, he joined UCLA's Campus Human Resources, dewars1

which led to positions as affirmative action consultant and coordinator of diversity education and special projects in the Staff Affirmative Action Office. Since 1993, he has been the staff affirmative action officer at UCLA.

Previous position: Parker concurrently served as acting assistant vice chancellor, Government and Community Relations; executive officer for Administrative Services; and staff affirmative action officer.

Quote: "This appointment is a wonderful opportunity. The difficult part was leaving issues that I was very committed to and special colleagues that I've worked with for a long time. But this position opens up a whole new set of challenges, and with those challenges come new relationships. I'll be joining a great team."

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