This story is from UCLA Today, a discontinued print and web publication.

A giant check for giant energy savings

DWP presents giant $1.2 million check to UCLA.
Halfway through UCLA's program to make campus heating, ventilation and air conditioning more efficient, the program has already cut HVAC energy use by 50 percent in 16 buildings. On top of the energy-bill savings, the program has also earned the campus $1.2 million in rebates from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power over the years. Above, the DWP presents the combined rebates in a stunt check to Facilities Management and Energy Services. From left to right: Joseph Roy, Linda Martin, Alex Brown and Dale Thompson from DWP; and current and former Facilities Management employees, including the retired UCLA director of Energy Services, Dave Johnson, who started the program, followed by Scott Bascom, Robert Striff, Administrative Vice Chancellor Jack Powazek and John Foerster.
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