Campus staff have a new opportunity for professional growth: ProShare Live, from UCLA’s Administrative Management Group (AMG), aims to help managers and aspiring managers expand their network of campus colleagues for mutual guidance and support.

Starting this January and running for five months through May, participants in ProShare Live will be assigned to five-person cohorts that will meet monthly for 90 minutes. Each of the five cohort members will take turns hosting a meeting that could include department tours, presentations to the group and discussions of key management issues.

Any staff member in a managerial position or who would like to head in that direction is invited to enroll in the new program before the deadline of Nov. 15.

Coordinating ProShare Live is Elissa Lappenga, academic services manager for the UCLA Life Sciences South Administration and vice-chair/chair-elect of AMG, a campuswide organization dedicated to providing professional development and networking opportunities to campus managers and aspiring managers. AMG is sponsored by Associate Vice Chancellor Lubbe Levin of Campus Human Resources.

The idea for the new program, said Lappenga, stems from AMG’s LinkedIn group, named UCLA ProShare, where “staff are already forming connections by sharing articles and engaging in great online discussions. This new program takes it to the next level by getting staff together in person.”

The new program “is actually like a small slice of PDP,” the annual Professional Development Program offered by Campus Human Resources. It’s an opportunity for staffers who haven’t been able to participate in PDP and for PDP alumni “looking to expand their campus network even further,” Lappenga said.

Find more information and enroll online at this AMG section of the Common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CCLE) website. Be  sure to complete all of these steps to ensure your enrollment: Log in using your campus credentials and click “Enroll me in this course” on the upper-right corner of the screen. Then confirm your enrollment by clicking the “Enroll me” button that appears at the bottom of the page.

If you have questions about ProShare Live, email Lappenga at Learn more about AMG at the organization’s website and in this UCLA Today story.