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Banksy hits Westwood

Anonymous street-art legend Banksy's mural work appeared on the wall of Urban Outfitters in Westwood. Perhaps he's in town for the Oscars? Photo by Seth Odell.
Photo by Seth Odell.
Mysterious British street artist Banksy appears to be visiting Los Angeles, and he's making sure to leave his mark. Pieces by the artist began appearing around the city this week, including one here in Westwood. The piece, located near the intersection of Kinross and Westwood, is on an exterior wall of Westwood's Urban Outfitters. On Thursday morning, a steady stream of people were detouring from their daily commute to take a look. Even TV personality Jamie Oliver, who recently opened a studio in Westwood, stopped by earlier in the week to pose with the piece. The LA Times has additional details about the street-art legend's presence in L.A.
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