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Budget update from Chancellor Gene Block

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block sent this letter to members of the campus community on May 17.
UCLA Chancellor Gene Block.To the Campus Community:
Friday, Governor Schwarzenegger announced his revised 2010-11 budget for the state of California.  The proposal includes the restoration of $305 million in funding for the University of California, funding that had been eliminated in this year's budget.  The governor has also retained $51 million for student enrollment, and has proposed restoring state funds for the Cal Grant competitive grants program.
We are grateful for the governor's continued support of higher education, but it is important to remember that the May Revise is only an update of the governor's budget proposal.  The proposed funds must still be approved by the legislature.
Although we hope that the state legislature will indeed restore these funds, following its debate, the enacted budget may differ from the governor's proposal.  We will not know the outcome for several weeks.  Knowing that California's financial outlook for 2010-11 remains extremely challenging, we will continue to plan UCLA's budget for next year under the assumption that the $305 million and the student enrollment funding will not be restored.
Our campuswide 5 percent cuts will be renewed; we will continue to make targeted cuts; and we are realizing savings by implementing recommendations of the Restructuring Steering Committee.  However, salaries that have been cut by the furlough program will be restored, most beginning with the September pay period.
Regardless of which budget is approved, we still face daunting challenges, and we must find new ways to streamline operations and make our campus more efficient.  I am so deeply grateful for your continued dedication to UCLA, and I am mindful of the sacrifices you are making.
Please remember that it is more critical than ever for all of our voices to be heard as advocates for the UC and its future.  You can join the advocacy effort by signing up at the UCLA Government & Community Relations website.
For updates on the California budget, please visit the UCLA Newsroom budget page.
Gene D. Block
Media Contact