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Campus celebrates international education at UCLA

International Education Week Nov. 14-18


The UCLA International Institute and its campus partners have organized an array of events in recognition of International Education Week, an initiative of the U.S. departments of State and Education. It’s set for Nov. 14–18.

One of the major goals of IEW, said UCLA Vice Provost Cindy Fan, who oversees the International Institute, is to encourage and help every UCLA student, regardless of discipline or major, to study abroad.

Studying and volunteering in other countries teach students that people the world over have a stake in one another's success and share many problems that require collaborative solutions, Fan said. By working to make the experience of international study, research and internships universal among UCLA undergraduates, the UCLA International Institute seeks to prepare a new generation of leaders who have direct experience of the world — and can use that experience to help resolve its crucial challenges, she added.

The nation needs young people who understand and can work effectively with their peers worldwide. At UCLA, that means encouraging students to study the histories, politics and cultures of other countries, master foreign languages and develop the cultural sensitivity to work effectively with people across borders. And that means traveling, studying and interning abroad, Fan said.

International education is far-reaching

International education at UCLA goes beyond study abroad and the Travel Study programs of the UCLA International Education Office. It extends to the many internationally oriented degree programs and research centers across campus, as well as to UCLA Library, one of the co-organizers of IEW.

It also includes programs at the Dashew Center for International Scholars and Students that promote global connection, international understanding and cultural sensitivity as well as the activities and events offered by UCLA Residential Life that support international students in residence halls and graduate housing. UCLA's many student associations also contribute to international education on campus, including those dedicated to international performing arts, discussions of international topics and development projects in foreign countries.

 Fun events planned for International Education Week 2016 will highlight the myriad opportunities available to students. Vote online for the winner of a study abroad photo contest, sample international food and coffee from around the world, enjoy student performances and drop in at an international education fair.

Click here to see all the featured events and download a flyer.

Nobel laureate Randy Schekman

A private UCLA Global Forum dinner in Edinburgh, Scotland, will kick off IEW for UCLA in the United Kingdom. On Nov. 9, Nobel laureate Randy Schekman will speak to invited guests on the importance of international education. As a UCLA undergraduate, Schekman participated in the UC Education Abroad Program in Scotland. Schekman is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and a professor of cell and developmental biology at UC Berkeley. He was awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of how the cell organizes its molecular transport system.

About the UCLA International Institute

The UCLA International Institute promotes interdisciplinary research and education about the world, its regions and the pressing global issues of our day. Its more than 25 centers and programs share the latest research on these topics through a public events program that includes many free international film screenings and cultural events. The academic degree programs offered by the institute include area studiesglobal health, global studies and international development studies.

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