This story originally appeared in UCLA Today, a discontinued publication.

GALLERY: Call of the Couch

Call of the Couch
(Photo credit: J. Arnold and CELF)
Nearly three-fourths of the Los Angeles parents and about half of the children spent no leisure time in their backyards over the course of the study. They could not manage to carve out time to relax, play, eat, read or swim outside, despite the presence of such pricey features as built-in pools, spas, dining sets and lounges. Watching television inside proved the most frequent leisure activity for parents, consuming about 50 percent of their already limited leisure time, followed by reading magazines, newspapers and books (21 percent).
"Families are overscheduled yet very sedentary at home. The ideal of indoor–outdoor living — the California dream since the 1950s — seems increasingly out of reach," said co-author Jeanne Arnold, a UCLA archaeologist.
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