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Chancellor Gene Block speaks at CTSI seminar about UCLA’s future

Gene Block at CTSI seminar October 2014
Christelle Nahas/UCLA

Speaking at the first CTSI seminar of the academic year, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block spoke about some of the challenges the university faces in the future.

Chancellor Gene Block spoke Monday at the first seminar in this year’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s noon seminar series. Speaking with moderator and associate director of UCLA’s California NanoSystems Institute Leonard Rome, Block told the audience in the Neuroscience Research Building auditorium about some of the many challenges that the university faces in the future and also about the importance of interdisciplinary scholarship.

As an example, Block noted the important role the UCLA Health System will play in UCLA’s Grand Challenges, the first of which was announced in November 2013. The goal of “Thriving in a Hotter Los Angeles” is to get the Los Angeles region to use exclusively renewable energy and local water by 2050.

“The exciting part is actually looking at these broad initiatives that can bring the campus together ... there’s overall a sense of support on campus for interdisciplinary activities,” Block said.

Moderated by Rome, the CTSI Connections seminars aim to “Accelerate discoveries toward better health.”

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