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Community will gather at CrossCheck Live to discuss, understand election results

Tonight’s event to offer interactive, honest dialogue


A special CrossCheck Live event, “Processing the Election,” will be held tonight from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Royce Hall to offer the community a chance to gather, discuss and understand Tuesday’s presidential election.

In his letter to the campus on Wednesday, Jerry Kang, UCLA vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion, said many were shocked by the results of the vote.

“For some, this shock was accompanied by earnest excitement about our new president-elect,” Kang said. “For others, the results have generated deep anxiety and distress — an understandable response given the rhetoric targeting certain communities throughout the campaign.”

It’s our obligation as Bruins, Kang said, to model how a community comes together in a moment like this by listening, assessing and moving forward.

“CrossCheck Live, which attempts to bring together a range of perspectives and voices from across our campus, has been crafted in that spirit,” said the vice chancellor, who will moderate what will be “a highly interactive and honest discussion, with opportunities for audience engagement.”

Kang reminded the campus community that UCLA has many resources designed to help individuals who are feeling distressed.

Those resources include Counseling and Psychological Services, available at any time, day or night, at 310-825-0768 or by going online.

In addition, several post-election events will be offered so that UCLA students can reflect, find support, and connect with community.

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