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Exuberant students newly admitted to UCLA light up social media

Newly admitted student
@tonoperezz on Twitter

This student was one of the thousands of high school seniors who found out Friday night that they are Bruin-bound, admitted to the UCLA class of 2020.

If you heard any screams of excitement Friday evening, they might have come from some of the thousands of excited high school seniors who just learned they were new admits to UCLA’s class of 2020 starting this fall.

Their exuberance was perfectly understandable, given the fact that they were among the more than 119,000 students who had applied for admission to UCLA for fall 2016. That record-breaking number, which includes more than 97,000 prospective freshmen and more than 22,000 prospective transfer students, once again made UCLA the most applied-to, four-year university in the nation.  

With so many of the newly admitted beyond thrilled to get into “the school of their dreams,” they took to Twitter to express their joy, gratitude … and relief … in bursts of exclamation points.  

Check out #UCLAbound and this UCLA Facebook page to see a selection of photos, videos and tweets from the chosen and those who share their excitement:


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