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From kettle corn to carbon calculators at Wednesday's Sustainability Fair


At UCLA's second annual Sustainability Fair, close to three dozen university and local organizations will showcase ways they've gone green, while offering tips on how fair-goers can make environmental choices in their lives, too.

Sustainability fair Mercedes fuel cell car on displayThe fair – with the theme “For a Greener U” – runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 22 in Bruin Plaza. Alongside an interactive carbon calculator and a prototype of a Mercedes hydrogen fuel-cell car will also be free samples from Whole Foods and free kettle corn from ASUCLA.

University sustainability efforts big and small will be on display. The university-wide recycling program by Facilities Management will host a table where people can find out how to bring more recycling into their office, and the Center for the Study of Women will be on hand to show how they've gone hyper-green in their offices.

The event is a good opportunity to learn about the gamut of sustainable opportunities on campus, said Kyrie Bass, President of UCLA Staff Assembly.

"It's also about getting inspired and building momentum," Bass said. "A lot of people and departments are doing some steps on their own, so you have all these separate little pieces, but when they come together and maybe form partnerships, you have the synergy to move more quickly."

sustainability-fair-2007A more interactive carbon calculator than at last year’s fair, including a customizable avatar, is also part of the fun, Bass said, along with tickets that can be stamped at stations across the fair for a chance to win prizes in a drawing.

Speakers range from Associate Vice Chancellor Jack Powazek to Los Angeles County Metro's Environmental Compliance Manager, Cris Liban.

"The fair is about learning new ways to go green yourself, and also about the university's existing programs," Bass said. “Maybe it's just about finding out about something like the deskside recycling UCLA is rolling out now."

ASUCLA will also pull items out from its new green corner in the student store to offer environmentally-friendly purchases for sustainable shoppers, Bass said.

Participants will include UCLA's departments of Recreation and Transportation, Software Central, Staff Assembly, Events, the Institute of the Environment, the new student group "Green the Greeks" and many other university organizations. The Los Angeles Department of Public Works, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, Culver CityBus and the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition are among the outside groups also coming to Bruin Plaza.

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