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Google Street View showcases UCLA

Google Street View on Westwood Boulevard, with the navigation tool (lower-right corner) ready to take you in whatever direction you choose.
As a tech-savvy Bruin, you know about all using Google maps to find your way around — from pinpointing a new restaurant in Westwood to figuring the most efficient driving route between campus and the great beyond.
Now Google Street View provides a whole new user experience for Bruins and anyone else who wants to check out the sights at UCLA. While Street View’s drive-by photos of various locations aren't new, the application has been bumped up several notches to offer in-depth coverage of locales like the Swiss Alps, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center … and UCLA. Virtual visitors can now see 360-degree views of significant portions of the campus, from classroom buildings to icons like the Inverted Fountain, by clicking onto Street View’s navigation tool and heading in whatever direction you want.
For example, take a virtual walk from the intersection of Westwood and Wilshire boulevards to the Franklin Murphy Sculpture Garden, where you can take in a panoramic view encompassing the garden’s famous artwork and lawns, along with neighboring Bunche Hall and Freud Playhouse. Street View also incorporates pop-up information where available. Exploring Westwood Village in the vicinity of Broxton and Weyburn avenues, for example, you’ll spot Diddy Riese and a link to the store's website should you want to know how late you can stop in for chocolate chip cookies.
This Chinese website touts Street View's virtual view of UCLA.
With UCLA as one of its "must-haves" for a gallery of 150 universities nationwide, Google worked with UCLA’s Events Office to set up a jam-packed day of filming last fall. Google’s two-person team came not only with cameras but with the Google "trike," a 250-pound three-wheeler mounted with a camera for shooting locations a car can’t drive through — which includes just about all of UCLA’s hilly, grassy terrain.
Google Street View gives anyone with a computer or a Google Street View phone app a great new way to see campus — from long-distance friends and families of current students, faculty and staff, to prospective students taking a tour from anywhere on the globe.
To check out UCLA Google Street View:
• Go to
• Enter and click on a UCLA street location, such as "UCLA, Westwood Blvd., L.A."
• When the info panel and map appear, click the "more" option in the panel, then Street View.
• In Street View, click the navigation tool in the lower-right corner to move around campuswide. 
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