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Governor signs into law part of California Dream Act

Standing with Chancellor Gene Block to witness the signing of AB 130 are (from the left) Assemblyman Cedillo, Chancellor Daniel La Vista of the Los Angeles Community College District and youth representatives. Standing next to Chancellor Block is UCLA alumna Ana Gomez, who, as a student leader, helped lead the push for the Dream Act. She spoke at the signing ceremony.
Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law  Assembly Bill 130 on Monday (July 25) so that undocumented immigrant students attending UCLA and other state colleges and universities can become eligible for private scholarships funded by donor-provided gifts and endowments.
Witnessing the historic signing of the bill, part of the California Dream Act introduced by Assemblyman Gill Cedillo (D-Los Angeles), were Chancellor Gene Block and other staunch advocates who have supported this and other legislation that would remove barriers to higher education for undocumented students. The signing took place at Los Angeles City College in a roomful of dignitaries and supporters.
Last year, more than $45 million in private scholarships derived from nonstate funding was awarded by UC. In total, more than $72 million in private gifts and endowments was available last year. Those eligible to apply for privately funded financial aid would be undocumented students who currently qualify to pay in-state college tuition under a 2001 state law.
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