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Green "Bike Box" lane added on Strathmore

UCLA Bike Lane DSC 6318Make way for cyclists at the front of your lane! With the addition of UCLA’s first "Bike Box" lane, the proposition that bicycling is a great way to go green has never been more obvious. The "Bike Box" lane, painted a conspicuous bright green, debuted this week at the campus' busiest entrance, on eastbound Strathmore Place between Charles E. Young Drive West and Westwood Plaza. The green box at the front of the lane creates a "keep-clear" zone for cars, giving cyclists room to move through the intersection before drivers. Funded by UCLA Events & Transportation, the lane helps make bicyclists safer by making them more visible. The lane is one of a series of improvements to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure on campus intended to make the campus safer for walking and bicycling.
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