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Green your commute with these New Year’s resolutions

As we approach the end of 2013, it's time to start setting goals for a brand new year. We have 10 New Year’s resolutions for green commuters with different personalities to help you have a greener and healthier 2014.
For the Treehugger
  1. Reduce your carbon footprint by sharing rides at least one day per week
    Did you know that transportation is the second largest source of carbon emissions in U.S.? Stop driving alone and enjoy the fun of ridesharing. You can post a ride on Zimride to form a regular carpool or check out the UCLA Vanpool program for a greener commute option.
  2. Start the year off right by switching all the lightbulbs in your home to energy efficient CFL bulbs
    There are countless eco-friendly ways for you to save up on electricity expenses, such as using CFLs, keeping windows shut when air conditioning is on or defrosting food on the kitchen counter instead of using a microwave.
For the Health Nut
  1. Walk at least 8,000 steps per day
    Don’t just sit at your desk in the office. Stay active and make sure that you take walking breaks outdoors. Another way to get a good amount of walking in is to get off the bus one stop before your destination and walk. Get a pedometer today and make every step count!
  2. Instead of taking the elevator, always take the stairs
    Stair-climbing burns twice as many calories than other sports or activities. Instead of taking an elevator, start burning some calories and work on those leg muscles by taking the stairs. Challenge yourself to climb these 12 stairwells on the UCLA campus.
For the Busy Bee
  1. Run your errands in the neighborhood on foot or bicycle
    Visit the bank or a grocery store on foot or bicycle if they are within one mile from where you live. Visit to find out how walkable or bicycle-friendly your zip code is and what businesses are in your neighborhood.
  2. Finish one book per month during your bus ride
    Why just sit there during your bus ride when you can finish a book? Make the most out of your bus ride by reading a book or listening to an audiobook. You can purchase your favorite audiobooks online and listen to them on your smartphone. Here are 7 more ways to keep yourself productive on the bus.
For the socialites
  1. Convince a friend to pledge to not text and drive
    Texting while driving threatens your own life and the lives of others . Keep your loved one accountable by telling them about the risks of texting and driving, and persuade them to take the pledge to not text while driving.
  2. Introduce three other people to the Bruin Commuter Club
    Are you already a member of the Bruin Commuter Club (BCC)? Share your experience as a BCC member with your peers and tell them to register to become a BCC member to enjoy the benefits from BCC, including discounted parking and Emergency Ride Home.
  3. Visit our friends at the UCLA Bike Shop
    We have a very fun team of bicycle professionals at UCLA’s very own bike shop. Visit the UCLA Bike Shop, located in the northwest corner of the John Wooden Center, to rent a BruinBike for the next quarter or get a regular tune-up for your bike. Get educated and learn about traffic skills for bicyclists, basic bike maintenance skills and proper steps to follow fixing a flat tire.Tell Liz that we said hi!
This post originally appeared on UCLA Transportation's Be A Green Commuter blog.
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