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May 17 deadline for family verification is approaching

The May 17 deadline is approaching to provide documents to verify your family members’ eligibility for UC-sponsored health benefits.  To ensure you meet the deadline, UC Human Resources recommends that you either fax your documents (866) 412-0214) or upload them directly into Secova Inc’s secure database.
Secova, Inc. is the vendor administering the verification project on behalf of UC.
If you have family members enrolled in UC benefits, you must respond to the mailing from Secova Inc., by May 17, even if you provided the same information to UC at some time in the past.
Those who do not respond risk being de-enrolled from all UC benefits along with de-enrollment of their family members. This includes: medical, dental, vision, legal, supplemental life insurance, supplemental disability and accidental death and dismemberment.
Certain faculty and staff do not need to participate in the verification process at this time including those who:
  • Have no family members enrolled in UC-sponsored health insurance
  • Are post-docs
  • Are retirees enrolled in vision only
  • Are medical residents or House staff
  • Are students
Employees who did not receive a verification packet and enrolled their first family member during the month of February 2012 should call Secova to see if they must participate in the verification process at this time.  If your name is not in the Secova Inc database, then you are not included in this phase of the review.
If you did not receive a packet or if you have questions, call Secova, Inc. at 877-632-8126; if you are outside the U.S., call (424) 253-7416. Secova customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and service is available in multiple languages.
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