Florgin Dela Luna

UCLA vanpoolers share more than a daily commute. All that time on the road together also fosters a warm sense of community — and opportunities to party UCLA vanpool-style. Recently, UCLA Woodland Hills vanpoolers held an early-morning “Party at the Park-n-Ride” before their drive to campus. The occasion was a farewell to six-year vanpooler Florgin Dela Luna, a staff member with UCLA Health’s CareConnect program who switched to another vanpool route when she moved to North Hollywood.

Charles Carter, a Woodland Hills vanpooler for more than 25 years and UCLA Transportation communications analyst, posted a tweet (below) about the fun potluck breakfast. The top-right photo shows the "buffet table" with (from left) Josie Chua of the department of molecular and medical pharmacology, Mary Horton of UCLA Information Technology Services and UCLA Transportation’s Charles Carter, one of the vanpool co-drivers. The bottom photo shows vanpool co-driver Nazanin Aslani of University Extension at the breakfast taco bar.